Lighting up again

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Original poster
Dec 18, 2006
Island of Hawaii
Aloha from the island of Hawaii. I'm a county firefighter over here.

My first smoker was made from an old metal refrigerator. Made a lot of great smoked goat in that thing and a few rabbits. After it rusted to oblivion, I didn't replace it for many years and forgot much of what I had been doing right.

My new smoker is about 8 feet tall, on a concrete slab. The smoke generator is a cut-out stainless beer keg. I love those things. The temp gets up to 180 pretty quick and stays there. Just have to fine tune the water pan I intend to put on the top of the keg to keep things moist, and make a little water pipe to keep the fire box from getting too hot.

Today I butchered one of the three pigs I've got in the front yard. She was about 8 months old and I'd guess around 140lbs.
I'm hoping to be ready to smoke everything Thursday. Just trying to figure out what I'm going to put in the brine. I'll let ya'll know how it turned out.

BTW, Great Forum.
Aloha back to ya, MakuaKane. Nice to have you here and back smoking again. Grab a cold one and look through the many forums that we have here and see what others have done (BTW-we're big on pictures here).

Looking forward to seeing you in the forums.

Welcome to SMF MakuaKane!!! Glad you decided to join us and jump back into smoking. Post often and have fun, this is a great forum.
Welcome to the forum. We would like to see pics of your smoker. Looking forward to your future posts.
Goat taste like venison? Gawd no!! It's not bad though, smoked. I'm not a great fan of the goat taste itself though. Going down smoked is pretty good, but if you ever burp, you'll be getting some of that goat essense in your nose. You'll be sorry you burped.

The smoker did good. I used Jeff's recipe for most of it. My neighbor made some sausage and I didn't add anything to that. All turned out great, except for the rabbit that I had in there. Should've taken that out at 3.5 or 4 hours. Way over done.
The meat was all good, sausage really good. That digital thermometer was great to use. Here's a pic of the meat. I'll get one of the smoker up soon.
I'd made sure to have some fat on every piece of meat thinking it'd keep everything moist and I could cut it off later. Let me tell you that fat was the superstar of this smoke. That stuff is GOOOOOOD! I'm in trouble.
That's a super looking smoke MakuaKane! I've been meaning to do some rabbit and haven't gotten around to it. I'm with ya on the goat though.. to me, it ain't so great (we used to have it some when I was a kid, and it still doesn't appeal to me) But everything looks great

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