Leg Quarters

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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
Smoked 10 lbs. of leg quarters Sunday, had the neighbors over. Beans, slaw, deviled eggs, mac & cheese, cornbread muffins. And homemade ice cream with pecan brownies to finish it (and me) off.
Only got pics of the chicken. Those chickens were some big ol' gals, 8 quarters in 10 pounds. I painted them with EVOO and sprinkled on the rub. Used Fiorella's Jack Stack KC All Purpose Rub on all of them and then also put Kansas City's Cowtown Sweet Spot Rub on half of them. The Fiorella's is mild, Sweet Spot is sweet & hot. Neighbor's kids not into heat.
Lit off the GOSM gasser, hickory chunks for smoke. Set the dial just past medium and it leveled out at 350° with 87° ambient temp. Took 2 hours to cook to 170°. Skin was really nice & crisp. I hate rubbery chicken skin. Let them rest 30 minutes and the quarters were moist and tasty. Better than any of the thighs I tasted in the judging Saturday!


Nice lookin' chix! I am getting coals ready now for grillin' some pork loin chops... I'M HUNGRY!!!

Speakin' of the judging last Saturday, how'd that go? I have been away from the 'puter most of the weekend, so if you already posted details, just punch me and send me in the right direction...
Good lookin clucker quarters Mike. Sounds like you're getting used to having that gasser around for the easy temp settings. Thanks for making me hungry man!
You know, I have been thinking about that.
Course I would be forced to buy a Lang, or some such thing.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................................... ...
The more I use it, the more I like the convenience and ease of use.
Still like the ol' Geezer though.
I gained 10# before I even looked at the pix! You gonna do up some of them when you come down and help me break in the new smoker?

BTW, I think since no one came up w/ a good name for her, I'll wait and see what her personality is like before I name her.

That could work, they are awfully easy to do.
Yep, I think waiting to see the true personality is good.
Mike -

When I got my Smoke Vault I loved the simpicity and the extra size but I kept staring at the ole ECB thinking somethings missing. They both make really good Q but there's some in the flavor of the ECB that's is not in the Propane - charcoal! Throw a few coals on your wood tray and that flavor comes back.

I think I'm going to save my baby Bink for cold smoking. Just three or four colds get it up to the right temperature and I don't cold smoke alot of stuff at once.
Never thought of that, but you are right. A bit of lump in the wood box would add to the flavor and not hurt a thing.
I'm smoking some ABT's and a bunch of hot links today, I'll give it a try.
does the EVOO help in crisping the skin? ive tried using just the dry rub on the skin and under, which makes the meat amazing but the skin tends to come out a little gummy. i guess finishing them directly over the flame would also work, but im afraid of drying it out in the process.
Yes, the EVOO helps get the skin nice and crispy... kinda like people at the beach using tanning butter.

I rub the EVOO inside the cavity and out, all over the skin, sprinkle with a rub and hit the grates.
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