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Leg of lamb - Indian-style


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Hi all - just started a boneless leg of lamb as an Easter test run.

Picked up a 5-pounder from Costco this week, already boned and butterflied.  Shown below, unwrapped.

Opened it up and slathered with some EVOO.  Then liberally sprinkled with Penzey's Balti seasoning.  It's comprised of: coriander, garlic, ginger, cumin, dundicut chilies, Ceylon cinnamon, brown mustard seeds, cardamom, clove, fennel, fenugreek, charnushka (kalonji, black onion seed), ajwain, star anise, black cardamom, cilantro, anise seed and bay leaf and has a nice little kick!

Then wrapped up and into the fridge overnight.

This morning opened it up to a REALLY nice smell!  A little more OO inside and out, and then filled with about a dozen peeled garlic cloves.

Bound up with butcher's twine and then into the WSM at about 250F with some oak.

Going to be serving with some Madras lentils, curry rice and naan bread fresh from the oven.

Stay tuned, more to come!
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Sounds like a great meal...JJ


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So finished it up.  Did it on a WSM with water pan.  Light winds today.  After 3 hours it was 135F internal temp.  I probably would have pulled at 130F plus rest time, but one of my guests wanted medium.  Taken off the smoker and into a pan covered with foil and the oven on warm (150F).  Gave it an hour rest.

Sliced up and dipped into the pan drippings.  The skin was fantastic between the Balti seasoning and the smoke.  Served with a nice petite sirah.

Easy as could be!  Anybody have any questions, let me know!



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:grilling_smilie: WOW that looks great! I've been wanting to smoke some lamb since I have never done it before and I think you just supplied me with the motivation.


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Thanks teebob. I had the inspiration for an Indian flavor leg and you gave me the demonstration. Hope mine turns out as good as yours looks!


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A couple things to add on the process...

I used the oak sparingly because I didn't want to overpower the Indian seasoning.  I'm doing a Greek-style on Easter Sunday and will probably do the same to not overpower the seasonings I plan to use for that one.  I also only used smoke for 2 of the 3 total hours on the Weber.  Last hour I set the lamb in the foil pan shown above because I saw I was losing lots of drippings into the waterpan.  Since the leg cut is boned, the underside is kind of open and that's where I was losing juice.  I might also try to smoke it with the fat side down after the first hour to prevent juice loss.  I simply dipped the slices into the juice in the pan before serving, I might actually make a nice light gravy for my Sunday lamb.  I'll do a new posting for that one.
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Nice!  I'm doing a leg tomorrow as well.

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