"Leftovers" Poppers

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Jul 3, 2021
Was going to do this last night but I was too pooped and went to be early. So I smoked some pork steaks one day, and a small bologna chub another. The idea hit me eating pieces of pork with the dogs before work the other day. I wanted to do like a ham spread sorta thing with sweet relish and miracle whip. I'm a mayo kinda person, but miracle whip was a staple in my moms kitchen so I do still enjoy it now and then. What I did not enjoy was paying for it... $4.87 for a little 12 oz bottle 😡😡

Off we go, another one of my whacky ideas. As I've said before, I will stuff a jalapeno or deviled egg with just about anything.

So here's the steaks and bologna. I say baloney.


Minced up a 50/50 mix of the two.



Mixed this up to taste before adding the fake cream cheese. This would have made a great ham spread on its own.


Canoed out, stuffed and ready to be wrapped.



These are going in the fridge until later. Gonna toss them on the kettle with a few ears of sweet corn when I get home.


I'll post up the rest of the cook later or tomorrow. I wanted to get this put together before I got lazy and didn't feel like sharing. I'm probably going to hit one of our local breweries and enjoy a few cold frosties. Thanks for looking and enjoy your Saturday.
Those are going to be damn tasty! Looking forward to the finish!

Also, enjoy a few brews… what kind of brews does your local brewery do?
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Sorry for the long delay, but the weekend got the best of me. I'm a horrible photog, so pardon the close up / cut shot.

Tossed them on with a few ears of corn. Someone is not impressed.


Done! Not very good color, but the peppers were nice and soft so it's eatin' time.


Turned out quite nice. Maybe next time a little less of the neufchatel as it kinda muted the tang from the miracle whip and sweet relish. Still very tasty and a break from the norm.


Those are going to be damn tasty! Looking forward to the finish!

Also, enjoy a few brews… what kind of brews does your local brewery do?

And darn tasty they were. We are flush with breweries in the Hampton Roads / Tidewater area so the sky is the limit on what kind you want. Some of them have some pretty off the wall brews that I avoid.

Yeah. I'd had to have a sammich while the rest is chilling in the fridge. bet thats gonna be some fine eating.


Thanks! No sammich for me, but this was right after all the Saturday chores were over so I went straight for an ice cold gin and tonic.

Woah! Those are going to be gooood!!
Yes sir! Just the latest installment in my popper madness.

Looks dang good so far!

Great idea, I like where your head's at. Those are gonna be might tasty. 👍
Thank you!
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