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Jul 9, 2007
Dayton (Miamisburg) Ohio
How is everyone? I'm called majorlee69 and I just finnished building a smoker this week. Now the paint is dry and the ribs are on. I love cooking for my friends and I have come to realize who ever does the cooking doaen't have to do anything else. I'm south of Dayton Ohio and I have my first set of ribs on the smoker now. My research has led me to follow the 3-2-1 method but I do have a question. When I wrap the ribs in the "2" stage do they go back in the smoker or are they set aside for two hours then put back on for the "1"? Thanks for welcoming me to this site and I can't wait to be a part of smf
just a tip for posting pics, if you have a photobucket or imageshack account you can post images right in the thread using the img tag provided.
Correct me if I'm wrong (as I often am). I thought the 321 method was 3 in smoker, 2 in foil in smoker with some liquid, and last hour in smoker with no foil.
I like to spray every hour or so with apple juice. Orange juice gives it a good taste too but more l'orange. Depends on what your going for. I reserve orange juice for poultry.

Good luck!
It might get boring if we didn't stive to improve our menus eh? We wouldn't need recipes we'd all cook the same thing the same way. B-O-R-I-N-G!
Great point Debi. The 3-2-1 method is tried and true. But variation is always a good thing.
And experimentation is the greatest of all...
majorlee, Welcome to SMF. Way to go in building your smoker and on your first of many rib smokes. Continued success in the smokey arts!
welcome to SMF. congrats too on building your smoker. i have built one for myself (see sig), one for a guy at work, and am almost done with my new one. giving my current one to another guy at work. how about some pics of your smoker? you should build an ABT rack too, because they are addictive. i made a rack that holds 35 peppers in it. i made it 12" x8", 1/8" steel plate. punched 1" holes in it. here are a couple of pics to show you what i built.

no problem getting more pics of the smoker but the ribs didn't make it in front on a camera. I think I'll start on a firebox to free up some more grill space. Right now I have sectioned off about 8'' on the left inside for coals but I think I could fit a lot more meat with a side mounted firebox. This weekend I'll try chicken leg quarters. I'm starting small before headin to the butcher for butts and briskets.
no problems. alot of times i don't get a pic before everyone starts making their plates. can you get ahold of some ¼" sheet steel? that will make a great firebox. i used the air tank off an air compressor for my new one. i bought a premade firebox at lowes for my first one. it works pretty good, but in the winter i had to build and keep a huge fire going. i don't know how it is in ohio in the winter, but i am sure it is colder than here. you want to make sure you can put enough wood in there to keep a hot fire going. and long enough to get a 2' long log in it. i will have some pics up of my new one this weekend. be looking in the wood smoker section for them.
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