Late Father’s Day Post-Butt Time

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I’m late posting this, BUTT here tis.

Did an overnight smoke on a medium sized butt for dad’s day. Started at about 10:30pm Saturday. Augmented the pooper with a tube, which caught fire at about 1:00am causing the chamber temp to rise. As always, my trusty dual probe Maverick awakened me. The tube was mostly spent, so I pulled it out, doused it and back to bed I went.

Some pics for the peeping Tom’s (my name is Tommy, so it’s apropos). As usual, plated on my fine china.

A peek before hitting the rack:


Didn’t cover with foil until it had a serious bark; about 9:00am. Then pulled it with consistent probes at 204-206* IT.



Came apart beautifully with bone easily removed.



I don’t use finishing sauce since my son eats it on warm soft corn tortillas, and the wife just nibbles a bit. I did a hybrid commercial-homemade sauce with the commercial additive being about 1/4 chipotle raspberry from killer Hogs. I don’t typically add “exotic” flavorings when I do my butts. But this is Texas so… I threw a twist in the sauce. It was pretty good.


Of course, the obligatory coleslaw and some Tex-mex pinto beans and a big ole sub roll. I squirted a ribbon or two of the sauce on the bottom of the bun then piled on the meat. I alternated bites by spooning a little coleslaw for a bite, and then a little of the sauce for a bite. Back-and-forth we went until I was stuffed.

It’s been a while since I did a butt and I always ask myself “why haven’t I been doing these more often“? With the prices of beef today, brisket has been a little difficult to bring myself to do. down here in Texas, I hate paying more than $3.00 a pound for choice brisket, and it’s more than $3.00 a pound most of the time these days. Kind of sad. I’m used to getting them at around $1.50 for select and $1.99-$2.99 for choice.

Inflation sucks. But all in all a good Father’s Day meal.
Thanks for all the kind comments. We ate almost all of by Monday night. I only have a relatively small vac sealed bag that made it into the freezer, which will likely get pulled in the next day or two.
Just beautiful, nice bark. Then the Sammy with beans and cold slaw you just hit all the notes.
Nice lookin butt ya got there. Kidding, but seriously. It looks delicious 👍
Nicely done, looks Great!!! I would not be able to stop myself from dumping that slaw right on top of that sandwich!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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