Largest Diameter Collagen Casing?

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Is 100mm the largest they make? Or is a larger diameter made?
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I am wanting to make a large diameter Genoa Salami for sandwiches...5-6" diameter. After thinking about it, I may just use a hog bladder. I have some 5kg. bladders. To get the shape, I have access to some 4" and 6" PVC drops. I can use that for a kind of mold to form the salami prior to trussing. Could probably make one 4-6" diameter about 12" tall.
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It is my understanding that clear fibrous casings are not the same as collagen casings. But I could be wrong on that.
Sorry man. Definitely not my area of expertise. I've only ever used hog and beef casings.... I would interested in hearing about what you went with.

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