Large Off-Set Charcoal and Wood Smoker for Sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by bigolboysbbq, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Large Off-Set Charcoal and Wood Smoker for Sale

    Hello everyone I am selling my trailer offset smoker set-up. It has just got too big for what I am doing now days. This would be a good purchase for someone looking to get into competition BBQ, church groups, or even start a small catering business.

    This is a great smoker has served me and my BBQ team very well through out the years. It retains heat well and is easy to maintain. Can cook a LOT of meet at one time. The most I put on was 10 boston butts, 6 racks of ribs, about 30 pieces of chicken, 6 pack of sausage links and a brisket.
    If interested I will send more pictures. Pick-up or delivery will negotiate with buyer At their expenses.

    Spec's are below:
    1/2" thick steel pipe
    Firebox is a round setup 33" length x 24" diameter
    Has cook top built in to cook beans and warm up sides during cooking
    Main Cooking chamber is 72" length x 36" diameter
    Cooking grate is 50" length x 36" deep (lots of cooking room)
    Warming box is 24" wide by 48" tall with 3 racks inside made of expanded metal for keeping beans warm and cooked food.
    Tail lights with 4 plug set-up
    A frame trailer set-up
    3500lb single axle set-up -Wheels are temporary others got stolen currently looking for replacements.

    Asking $2250.00

    For more information please contact me at [email protected] for more pictures of the rig and any questions or PM me.

    Guys trying to sell this one so I can start the build on the new one.

    Thanks everyone for looking...Please let me know if some of you think this price is unreasonable.
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    It would likely help if you included a location [​IMG]

    Unless of course your willing to deliver for free nationwide. [​IMG]
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    HAHAH sorry guys I am located in Monett MO, I travel to Topeka/Kansas City area around every 2 to 3 weeks so delivery around that are would be negotiating a date. Also willing to travel south to DFW area since I have family down there and they are always fun to go visit.

    Thanks for the notification.

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