Lang smoker for sale

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Jan 25, 2007
Found this on yahoo under lang smoker user group....

From: "James Crocker" <[email protected]> [Add to Address Book]
To: <[email protected]>, <[email protected]> Subject: [langsmokers] Lang 84 with Gas Burner option for sale. Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 11:10:43 PM

I have a well cared for Lang 84, with no signs of rust or abuse. It is kept in a garage. It has the warming box and front basket. It cost an extra 900.00 to add the gas burners option. this is 3 x 55000 btu burners plumbed in parrallel with auto igniters and each burners has its on control valve. Use it to help cook, grill, or heat up the smoker the day after to make cleaning easy.

Price 3500.00
Location: Memphis, TN.
Reason for selling: To many toys

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Wow Theresa, ya' scared me there for a minute! I saw this post title and your name and thought, "Why are they selling it already?!"

The model 84, that's alot of smoker there. Probably a bit too much smoker for my needs...
Geez! ya scared me too!!
eek.gif least until I noticed it was an 84, rather than a 60.

There's 2 testimonials from Mr. Crocker on the same page the link goes to, the 3rd and 8th down the page...the 8th has a couple small pics of the seasoning and the first cook.

Didn't know if anyone had noticed.

Been lookin' at that page for months with a long sad face.
...(Longer and sadder face when lookin' at the bank account!

Think I'll take donations too!...Oops!...Just kiddin...

Until later...
Lol......I thought the title would catch ya'lls attention. I agree real pricey....I'm thinking the gas option jacks the price up as well.....but heck you can allways put in a ridicules offer.....he might need the $$$$$$. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.