Lang Cooker for my first Smoker

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May 27, 2007
This is probably not the smartest question I have ever asked but here goes. I have been grilling ever since I was 20 or so and know how to use charcoal and gas very well and wood (a little). I currently do not own a smoker but I am going to get a Cargriller SmokinPro as soon as I can get to the getting place. This site has really wound me up on my grill cooking. Ok now the question..I have been saving money for my next toy (as many of us do) and have enough to buy a nice cooker. I have been looking at a Lang for sometime. I have never used or been around anything of this caliber. Do yall think it would be unwise to purchase one at this time. All our friends like my BBQ and I believe I would get a lot of use out of it. Do yall think this is foolish and should I wait......I know I can always sell it to one of yall for a discount if I dont like
that lang mobile 60 looks awfully nice & all i can saw is,as with all things - practice makes perfect. I'm sure you'd get used to it & do a great job after a while,and if not i'm sure you could make your investment back renting it out for school/church functions etc. that's my $.02 worth.
When we purchased our Lang we had never cooked on a "stick burner" before. Did a lot of homework and looked at alot of different cookers before we made our decision. A few questions you should ask yourself....Do you like tending a cooker?....a stick burner is by no means a set it and forget it smoker, needs tending every 40-60 min or so.

Is wood easily come by and affordable in your area of the country....remember....STICK BURNER

Do you have the room for it?? Depending on the model you get storage can be an issue. In the part of the country we live in I wouldn't want to leave it out all winter.

We have had ours for a bit over a month and love it!!!! It was a bit of a learning curve at first, but we are very happy with the decision we made and have it humming right along now.

Good luck with your decision, and let us know what you decide. If you have any questions on the Lang's please feel free to ask.
Wood is no problem
We have 15 acreas and a big barn so place to store it is not a problem
Do you wish you had gotten the 84. I am leaning more on the 60 and what about the warmer-Is it worth it.
The 60 is working very well for us size wise. Keep in mind this year is the first year Ben Lang has made it an option for the "warmer" to be a cooker as well. That is the option we took, so it adds cooking area, so let's say I want to do chicken at a higher temp than the barrel is running, the warmer/cooker is perfect for that.

I guess it depends also on what your using your cooker for. If you were to decide to do catering, for really large parties like 100+ all the time the 84 might be the way to go. For a size idea take a look at the pics of when we got her home on page 2 of this thread.
i just got off the phone with Ben (I think he said) at Lang and he was one of the nicest and honest people I have talked to in a long while. He will be hearing form me again very soon. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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