Labor Day Weekend Smoke

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Jul 9, 2005
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What's everybody putting in the smoker this weekend?? I just finished slathering up a butt with mustard and heavily covering with Tulsa Jeff's rub. I'm looking forward to putting it in the smoker first thing in the AM. Then enjoy tending the fire, breathing a lot of hickory smoke and perhaps even imbibing in a cold one occasionaly. Tomorrow, I'm going to prepare some of Crazyhorse's Maurice yellow BBQ sauce and some of Tulsa Jeffs sauce as well. (Also, as I have read somewhere else in this forum, other than through this forum, I've never met Tulsa Jeff ... as much as I'd like to ... so I have no financial interest in the sale of the recipe). But one thing for certain, if you don't already have an old reliable rub and sauce, talk to Jeff. His is a winner. Have a great weekend and good smoking!


Sounds like you have a great labor day planned! I am doing some chickens for everyone.

I ask my wife last night what she is in the mood for and she said she wanted some of my heavy smoked chicken and I just happen to have some new apricot and pear wood I have been dying to try so my smoker will be loaded down with brined chickens at about 3 pounds each and I can already taste it!

I am glad you like the rub and sauce, Bill. I certainly enjoy it and continue to find new things it is good on :)

Everyone have an Excellent Labor day!
Meat packers must love this forum, there is a lot of meat getting cooked up this weekend.
I plan on dropping 2 8lb pork shoulders and 4 slabs of pork ribs on at midnight tonight with my own homemade dryrub for a little family feast tomorrow.
I also am trying a little contraption I made to capture the smoke from my offset and move it over to a external "Box" via a 4" x 10' flex hose, I hope that 10 feet of it will be enough to cool the smoke so I can smoke a couple of blocks of cheese.
We shall see.
I will post some pics as the night progresses.

OK, here are some pics.
Weekend Smokes
The first few show my cold smoking box that I thru together for a test, I found out after about an hour that It helps to add a tray of ice in the bottom to help keep the temp down. The smoke temp out of the stack was around 170 and the internal temp of the box stayed below 100.
I smoked the cheese for about 3 hrs and it was pretty damn good for a first try.
The other pic are the meat that went on around 11pm, in 6 hrs I will pull the 2 rib slabs off and replace with 2 more.
Yesterday I did some 3-2-1 Pork ribs and some baked beans-minus the jalapeno peppers (seems that the Bride didn't see it on the shopping list) so I added a couple of healthy splashes of Frank's Hot Sauce!! Since I have to work today it looks like Brats and Burgers on the grill.
14 hrs on the Picnics was perfection, these 2 came out nice and tender with some crispy skins and a great taste.
However, I could use a little help on my ribs. I think they came out a bit dry, I like um, I like heavy smoke and a bit dry like jerky but I think that a bit more moist would apeal to more of the masses.
Here was my process for the ribs.
I got the slabs from smart & final and trimmed most of the fat from them and trimmed the flap off and removed the membrane.
I mixed up some dry rub and slathered it on Thurs. night @ 11pm and stuck them in the refer till Sat. night @ 4 pm and then took them out to sit till cooking time to bring up to room temp.
I fired up the smoker and got my box up to temp (@190) and put the ribs on.
I made up a little sauce by mixxing my dry rub with some sunny delight and some Sierra Nevada Porter and every hr slopped it on.
6 hrs I pulled them off.

Great flavor but a bit dry..
Any help on these would be great...

Spanking-Try the 3-2-1 method for a moister rib.
3 hours on the rack, mopping or spraying every hour
2 hours wrapped in two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil with apple juice poured over the ribs
1 hour uncovered-sometimes I remove the ribs from the foil altogether-sometimes I just open up the foil and apply my bbq sauce every 30 minutes.

Hope this helps.
Interesting smoke! As I mentioned earlier, I put a pork butt on Saturday morn at about 10:30. This was after keeping it in the referigerator over night with ball park mustard and lots of Jeff's rub slathered over it. I used my Taylor digital thermometers to monitor both the smoker temp at the grill (using a potato) and the internal temp of the meat. I kept the smoker temp at a fairly constant 220* and used hickory wood. Now the interesting part .... with those conditions, I did not reach the internal temp of the meat (190*) until about 8:30 Sunday morn. That's 22 hours! I've read in this forum that every butt tends to have it's own personality and smokes differently but have any of you ever had a pork butt to smoke so long? And by the way, when I took it out of the smoker and pulled it, it was absolutely fantastic. (I used some of Crazyhorse's mustard base sauce.) Any ideas on the length of time to smoke the butt?? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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