Labor Day Smoking

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Jul 30, 2022
Of course with a long 3 day weekend and a birthday weekend had no choice but to smoke some stuff and have some fun. Had to smoke 2 pork butts for a labor day party so had these plans to make a hog sauce and try the foil boat method but time kind of got in the way a bit but honestly it turned out good and tender and surprised at the smoke ring I'm getting on my pellet smoker. But couldn't find a good hog sauce recipe that wasn't too much vinegar and tangy. Also decided to smoke some blocks of cream cheese and some liquor made them even better because I kept forgetting about it. Decided to also toss on some Poor Mans Burnt Ends with Chuck Roast but those were a bit overcooked. And 2 batches of hot dog burnt ends since they are so easy. Decided to have a little fun and do something a bit different with some BBQ Coleslaw to add to the Pulled Pork Sandwiches and they put them over the top. Overall a pretty good weekend. Now ready to try some stuff for the upcoming football season plus have a brisket to attempt to smoke in a couple of weeks for my wife's birthday.


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