Labor Day brisket

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Mar 8, 2016
Roanoke VA
Its been a wile since ive posted up anything but i got the time today so here is a few pics and ill post more though out the day
The wife got the briskets for me at the store the other day so she got the cut she likes. Lol. So they are trimed flats with no fat cap so i made a baccon wave to put on top.
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Yelp the plan is to let the baccon rinder down in the brisket like the fatcap would i hope it works the last time my wife got the trimed flats they turned out a little dry with just the water pan and spraying them.
Looks fabulous!
I have to congratulate you Johnboy. If my wife brought home briskets trimmed like that , I would have cured them and made pastrami or corned beef.  BUT you my friend went the extra mile and made a smoked brisket.  

Looks awesome!  Point to you!

You deserve points for the brilliant idea with the bacon. Oh yeah, the brisket looks great, too!

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