Kind of new to Smoking wanting to learn more

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Apr 16, 2006
Northern IL
Hi all,

Well I started smoking when got a Brinkmann Smoke`N Pit Pitmaster Deluxe Charcoal/Wood Smoker & Grill at a local hardware store for a little over $100 with their fall clearance sale. I am just now starting to get this thing down.

I have not done a lot of things yet. Last year I did about 5 briskets, a lot of chicken, a few legs of lamb, baby back ribs (once messed up big time, did not know about the membrain and to dry mistake did not mop), Spare ribs (once so far), corn, and a few other things that I can not remeber.

This year I am starting to get my smoker down. Last year I found out if I had anything on it at what I was showing cooking at 220 it took about 1/4-1/3 more time then stated. After playing with it I found out I have to be around 240-255 to have my cook times right. I think it must me a air flow problem. I found out I had it right when I did the first brisket of the year and I finaly had one that I could be proud of. My leg of lamb last weekend backed it up.

What got me to this board today was trying to find a way to cook some Beef back ribs. I was able to get a good deal at Mijers today on them. Today was the last day they could sell them and I dealed with them and took at 10 slabs for $1lb and that was about 24lbs. I was able to save over $40. Lucky for us we have a large deap freezer to store it all in.

This year I want to start trying more thing and different things. Right now I feel like I have only done some of the basics. I try to make a Suday dinner ever weekend if I can as long as it is not raining or to cold. As long as it is not to cold around 20 I will try and keep it going. I would like to find so ways to make some meals for the week that I can use the smoker on. So if I can start saturday with cooking a couple of meals for the week and do a large item on Suday I would be very happy.

To help me quest for trying new things a few weeks ago I won a Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker & Grill. I know both of my smokers are kind of beginer but I am happy with that for right now. I did see the plans for the twin 55gal and I have to say I want to start making that. With having a auto shop I have all the tools and a little more to make it a easy job. I just have to figure out were to get the barrels.

Also my biggest problem right now is trying to find cuts of meat. With being up north they are had to find. When I look for Brisket I get lucky some times but I have had to go to a local butcher and pay over $4lb to get it because none of my local stores have them. No local store has ones larger then about 5lbs except for the butcher. When I go to SE MO over the 4th weekend to see some college friends I am taking a cooler and I hoping about $100+ to stock up on meats. Down there it is cheap and they have a lot of cuts we do not have.

Over all I am just some one right now that wants to get their skills better down before I go to the big suckers. I also want to find out more of what I can do with a smoker and how I can have fun with them. I am only 26 right now and I am one of the few of my friends that do not care about getting up 6am after going out to clubs till 2am that morning.

Thanks for any help, tips, or ideas.

Howdy Neal. I'm so glad you stumbled onto this forum. It's a great place to learn the art of the thin blue smoke! The folks here are very freindly and knowlagable, they're always willing to help and won't steer you wrong. Looking forward to hereing from you in other posts.
Welcome to SMF! Lets see Neal, you've done briskets, chickens, Ribs-(baby back and spares) and Leg of lamb. Have you done any Pork Butts or Shoulders yet? And then there are also 'Fatties' and ABT's. If you read through the forum you will find that folks have done Salmon, Chuck Roasts, Stuffed Porked Loin, Stuffed Pork Chops, Turkeys and even desserts.
Well thanks for the replies. Today I went to Sams and picked up a Boston Butt cut of Pork . This Saturday I am going to try the " Pulled Pork Recipe for all" by Johnh. I have to say after reading it I finaly felt good trying it. It has the right details that I needed to fill in the spots that I did not get.

Now I just need to get a wireless thermometer and I will be set. Just wondering though since I have to flip the meat were is the best place to put it? I would think I would not want it around the bone.

And btw jlloyd99 can you get more women out and smoking? I hate to say it but with being up north a lot of guys do not know about it and I have not even meet one that has even tried it. I think I need to move back down south.
Neal, when I use a probe thermoeter I stick it in from the side, right in the center. This will ensure that you don't mess up the probe when you flip the meat and also that you get it right in the center of your cut. Pulled pork is one of my favorites and I'm sure you'll have success with it. As for getting more people into smoking, just share the spoils of your smoking success. I'm sure they'll find it just as addictive as you have. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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