kind of just starting -have smoked a couple of times but need some assistance PLEASE

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by nncross, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. nncross

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    Okay here goes. I'm kind of new at this smoking. I have smoked a couple of time and I love it!!! I'm from Livonia, NY. I'm a female, 50 and enjoy eating food cooked or smoked on the grill. I have a small off brand smoker now which is okay but I wanted something a little bigger so my son just bought me a brinkmann 40 snp (cheap enough for what he could afford). I've been reading some of the threads and see that there are some modifications that need to be done to this smoker. I have noticed that the firebox does have gaps between the top and the bottom from when you put the thing together. The temp gauge stinks. [​IMG] And I've read something about the heat not distributing right so you need to add some kind of baffle. Can anyone help me here? I'd like to make the modifications but need some pics to know exactly what I am doing. I probably could wing it but why not get the low down from the experts if they would be willing to help. [​IMG] Anything you can tell me would be muchly appreciated. Thanks
  2. muscleoverimport69

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    They will help here alot. I went to youtube and typed in pork shoulder and it showed some people grilling and smoking with some add ons to basic grills you might wanna try that also
  3. white cloud

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    I am not familiar with that model but you will get the answers you need in no time good luck and good smokes
  4. white cloud

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    It is also a tradition here to go through roll call and introduce youself and the type of smoker you use to help everyone understand what you are useing to better help you with your problems. I know you already explained it all and we are easy to get along with. Plus it does help to learn to navigate through this forum using some of the options available.
  5. agmeyer

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    [​IMG] Welcome and happy smoke rings from Sedalia, MO. I am fairly new also with a Char Grill Silver Smoker. I read a lot of the threads on smoker modifications before even purchasing mine. I still went for the most economical one available locally and got it in June. Anyway, I bought some 3 in muffler pipe today to put the smoke stack exhaust out of the lower part of the far end. I do most of my own welding to cut costs. I think the best things I did was to put in 2 thermometers in the lid at grill level, make a charcoal basket, seal the doors, and buy a remote therometer so I can watch the internal temperature of the meat without opening the doors. Then smoking some fatties, leg quarters, and briskets have paved the way. Now I always have help deciding what to smoke, and for company while smoking. I also bought an AM -FM portable radio to listen to and a comfortable folding chair to set in. Good Luck and read those fattie threads and get it done. Semper Fi
  6. capt dan

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    great advice agmeyer, nncross, there is a search feature on this site that will get ya tons of great reading on the subject. There is also a charcoal smoker forum that will have a few sticky's talking about the modifications that you are looking for. It may be faster to find them than to wait for replies. Just thought you would like to know that, and welcome to the smf family. You will be happy that you registered.[​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF fellow noo yawker!A must is Jeffs 5 day lessons!then get his famous rib rub and sauce!Then...implement the famed T and A method.Theory and application...soak up the knowledge and apply what ya learned.After a few times your neighbors will become a pain from investigating the aromas coming from your backyard!
    Happy Smokes!
  8. t-roy

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    Welcome! I have a Silver smoker. I bought these "grill" heat deflector plates by Weber at a Big R in Danville, IL and used about 8 of them to create a REALLY cool, custom heat deflector and smoke baffle. Haven't made a fire box yet and haven't extended my exhaust pipe yet either but want to. Taking care of the heat baffle I say is first priority. Cuz my first 3 or 4 smokes I didn't and its just hard to keep anything from getting scorched and or cooking to fast. I can't believe how much more evenly everything cooks with the mods.

  9. chef_boy812

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    welcome on in!!!

    I don't have knowledge on that particular cooker, but you will get your answers from one of our fine folks here.

    you are a member of an awesome family.
  10. nncross

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    Thanks all for your replies. I really appreciate it. [​IMG] Now remember I'm 50 AND blonde. [​IMG] And just getting started. Right now I'm just curing the smoker seen it is new. I raised the firebox grate with some hex bolts and washers which helps with the air flow. The only thing I just can't seem to understand is the baffle thing. And also why would you need to have the smoke stack down in the cooking area more? How do I do the baffle thing? [​IMG]
  11. 1894

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    You are off to a good start , while seasoning you can practice with the fire control [​IMG]

    Simplest baffle I saw here on smf somewhere. Flip the charcoal pan in the cooking chamber and use the hanger brackets to make sure it is above the firebox opening. A bit of tin foil will help seal up the gap at the fire box end.
    This should leave air / smoke space around three sides of your new baffle.

    Lowering the exhaust stack is to help keep the thin blue smoke and heat flowing near the cooking grate instead of just rising up to the top of the chamber and out.

    Yer doing great , and this place will have you the envy of the neighborhood in no time [​IMG]
  12. Welcome! You'll find lots of answers to all of your questions here. This is a great group and everyone really makes you feel welcome!
  13. waysideranch

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    Welcome nncross.

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