kind of desturbing

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Gee, that gives me an idea for the GOSM Big Block! 8)
I went back and looked at those pics again and by golly it could just work. I have been wanting to do a whole hog for a while. We almost dug a pit to roast one over back in Sept. for a party but wussed out. I'm off to find the interior dimensions of the FEC-100. :idea:

There is one problem however. This would eliminate 1 of my 3 reasons I tell my wife I need a big boy smoker before long.
Chad, I hope you have access to a backhoe, cause if diggin' a hole up there is anything like diggin' down here, you'll need one. I love pit roasted pig, but it ain't worth it, no matter how good it is, to dig a hole in this region by hand. When I was younger, we'd do a 45 to 50 lb feeder pig 2 or 3 times a year. But you can dig a BIG hole in Iowa in a few minutes.
Hey GS, I almost put that in here the first go round. I got a buddy that actually does have a backhoe, so we had that covered. It's amazing what us crazy hillbillies will do to paarrrrttttaaaaayyyy! We ended up just smoking pig parts on the Texas offset. It just ain't the same quartered up and not lookin' at ya though.;)

I couldn't find the inside dimensions on the cooker in these photos, but the overall outside are as follows:

64" Height

45" Width

22" Depth

I think the height includes the legs and would guess it's under 50" inside. Judging from the pics in the link I would guess about 4" less on the inside dimensions due to wall thickness. I'm going with 45x40x18 compared to 36x24x16 for the GOSM Big Block.

I also assume from the pics the 36 lb. weight must be butchered and not live weight. Looks to be 65-75 lb. live weight?

I thought the FEC-100 was a smaller cooker. I don't think your gonna get much of a pig in a GOSM at a quick glance. Piglets anyone???
Guys you don't have to dig a hole to pit roast. You can stack cinder blocks up in a U shape leaving one end open to feed the fire and buiild the fire on the ground like a campfire. Put some expanded metal on top for grates and your in bizness. I like to dig a small hole to keep the fire from creeping out but it really is not necessary. Three or four blocks high is plenty.

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