Kielbasa Quest chapter 2: Smokies

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When I make BGKY's pepperoni snack sticks I wrap them in UNCOATED butchers paper and leave them in the fridge for a week or so. They dry out really nicely. It's a tip I picked up here after surfing the boards a bunch regarding packaging. I can't recall which one of these fine members provided the info though.

You would have to keep an eye on them and pull them they hit your desired 'dryness'.
Thanks N nlife . Butcher paper or paper lunch bags it is.
The week in the fridge makes all the difference. It’s a looong week though!
Ha, don't I know it. I've never had a batch last that long yet, lol. I did get to vac seal and freeze a package for my buddy near Dayton. Haven't seen him in a while and going to help him move next month. Gonna surprise him with some Jalapeño/Cheddar, pulled ham and smokies.
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