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Kids, Don't Try This At Home

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wntrlnd, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. OK, so I'm looking to buy a marinade injector so I check various models over at Amazon.com.  I'm reading product reviews, and I found this hilarious recipe for a turkey marinade, by a Mr. Bits, of Chicago, IL.

    I laughed so hard I went and read all his product reviews.  Some pretty funny bits.
    Sleepytime Turkey Dinner Marinade.

    1 cup water,
    2 Ts salt,
    1 Ts sugar,
    1 bay leaf,
    1 head of garlic (peeled),
    10oz Cherry Nyquil,
    4 juniper berries

    This recipe is perfect for stressed adults and over-anxious children awaiting Santa. The succulent marinade juices combined with doxylamine succinate and the turkey's natural lactic acid will have everyone dreaming of sugarplums in no time. Enjoy
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    Now I have looked over this marinade and something just doesn't look right. I see it now it's the garlic why would you peel a head of garlic.????  But other then that I think it needs a shot of whiskey and THEN it will go down smooooottthhhh.
  3. LOL! 


    then again, with the juniper berries, perhaps a shot or two of Gin