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Feb 24, 2007
key west, fl
I ran across a PETA site about our little fetish, and how trucks spill over full of pigs, how they think, feel and squeal when pinched, like anything else. What wasn't there was how the terrible broccoli population feels when pulled from the roots.....carrots ripped from their families......pineapple children torn from their parents. I'm hungry, I have some Q in the fridge. Party on, Garth. It's good to be at the top of the food chain.
PETA never says anything about cutting a plant to make a nice bouquet...they just killed a living

People Eating Tasty Animals all the way
Is it just me or do vegetarians look like the un-healthiest people in the world? Pasty white (no race stuff intended) , skinny, just kinda sick lookin'.......feed them a steak, I tell ya they'll look like champs.
Not that I have a problem with people stating there monds but I hate when people force there Ideas on you like that.

We all have a right to choose wha we eat, what we sing, what we watch, what we pray or don't pray - but I'm tired of people taking my rights away because they don't believe as a do.

What are you go'na do about PETA, keep cryen lip qwizern, or get off your dead a$$ and do something. There is a very good reason that PETA is dead in IOWA, WE, being houndsman(beagle and coonhounds) done our home work and found LEGAL PROOF that 68% of PETA members had been COVICTED of DRUG use, mostly MARIJANA, they could not deny it when there public records where shown. guess who lost there credability,funding, and simpithy.
I'm sick of it ,bitch somewhere else and call your local politicians and do somthing about it!
I hope this doesn't get political, that's a big forum turn off. We're here to support the original concept, lets pls keep it there! Who's got some Q?
Is OUR rights not politacal?

BUT, i have to admire those peoples ability to accept profit. Last summer one day i woke up/still awake witha very much bad hang over, i wanted to smoke some ribs.Out of my rub,getten sick of of Tone and McCormick spices i got the brainy-ac idea to go to a whole foods store to get some fresh spices. after cruzing the entire srore and finding the bulk spices , a woker there asked me if i need some help, i said i was looken for some spice s for smoken (meat). she was very helpful with me getting what i wanted, i was on the way home and realized they had no meat, no meat product , no meat on any thing they sold, and the lady was still helpful and respetful. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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