kcbs judging classes

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May 5, 2007
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i'm looking into this hard & (peculiarmike prolly has the answers) wondering the cost & just general info from someone who has done it from an insider's point of view. yes, i have the website.
Taking a class in september, i hope you get an answer before then
I have been checking into it. Seems the classes run 60 to 75 for non members less if you have a KCBS membership.
Got one here in Arizona in November that runs $75 and I'm definitely thinking hard.
I teach KCBS judging classes, the avergae is 60 to 75 as stated above. If you already a KCBS member the classes run $35 less.

You can find class dates and locations at KCBS web site.
You have got to be kidding me! A class for Q judging? I thought if it tasted good and the judges like it, you win! I didn't know they went to a class. Learn something new everyday..

Phoenix in November huh?
Is it linked to this:

November 9-11, 2007
Southwestern International BBQ Cook-Off (www.swibbqcookoff.com)
Rawhide, 5700 West North Loop Road, Chandler
Join the Dual in the Desert and compete in both the International Barbecue Cookers Association and Kansas City Barbeque Society events at the same time. Official events are pork shoulder, pork ribs, chicken and brisket, but a special Desert Patio competition is available for home grillers.

I just noticed there is a Menudo contest in January. I'll be in that one for sure!

January 24-26, 2008
BBQ and Grilling Championship of Arizona and The Tailgate Title
Rawhide, 5700 West North Loop Road, Chandler
This event has it all: an officially sanctioned BBQ competition, a "Partyrita" blended beverage competition, the first Southwest Menudo competition and a tailgate competition covering burgers, bratwurst, chicken wings, fajitas, beans, slaw, condiments (meat sauce or topping) and dessert.
i may take mine in august- depending on gigs- thanx for the cost info - i'm mailing my check tomorrow- but i still like the championship- vs. network- they pick it,you cook it- i got those ( like any texan or coonass would) beat hands down- if ya can kill it - ya can grill it- or smoke it... chasing down yer meal is 1/2 the fun .....
As I say, it ain't as easy as it looks. You don't just sit down and eat some Q!
The $75 gets you the class, one year KCBS membership and a subscription to The Bullsheet. If you are a KCBS member the class should be about $35.
If you eat one ounce of each sample you will consume nearly two pounds of meat in a judging session. And not all of it will be good. Minimum session is two hours.
You must recognize the various types of lettuce and other things used as garnish to decorate the turn-in boxes on sight. Some are illegal to use and cost points.
You only get bottled water to drink and saltine crackers to "cleanse your palate" between samples - and your fingers, no utensils. "Barbeque is a finger food".
The class begins with a lecture session, about an hour, then you start eating samples and judging them. As I said, not all will be good, and some will be great. Some are intentionally over or under cooked, some are presented wrong, they try to give you examples of good and bad.
If samples are not completely cut apart, e.g. ribs, you are not allowed to tear them apart to get a sample. There must be six separate samples in the box.
Sauce may be used, or not. It can not be pooled or puddled in the turn-in box, costs points. No side containers of sauce allowed.
You are judging MEAT ONLY, chicken, ribs, brisket, pork. You judge on Appearance, Tenderness/Texture, and Taste. Appearance refers to only the sample of meat, not the foo foo garnish in the box.
All you have to do is judge 30 KCBS sanctioned competitions, and cook in one, and you will be a Certified Master BBQ Judge!
To me judging is a way to learn more about smoking meat and barbeque. You get exposed to everything there is out there, and meet a lot of great people. Hmmmmmmmmm............. sorta like smokingmeatforums.com!

And if you are a competition BBQ smoker you should take this class so you know what the judges are looking for from you. Should improve your scores.
It may, or may not, be for you. If it is, enjoy!
Bud and me are singned up for that class as well. Make sure you contact Jeff Clark at Silver Lake if you haven't done so yet....I think it's filling up quickly. Sounds like another SMF contingencey!!!!
Well i can see that class going straight to hell!!
"O.K., all you SMF know it all's..........out of the tent" Should be a real good time!!
For the Mi chapter, I'm in the class like I said earlier. Laura and I are making it a "weekend getaway". She wants to play tourist for the weekend, so she'll be in and out during the time.

BTW, for those who are going and need a place to stay, Jeff Clark recommended a hotel (we dont have a camper and Laura's idea of "roughing it" is a Motel 6) that's across the street from the activites. It's $106 for Thursday night and $25 for Friday night. Laura made the reservation and they said it's "after season pricing to keep people coming up for the weekends ".

Dunes Waterfront Hotel (231) 873-5500
Hope to see everyone there...
I took the class in Indiana a few years back. Great networking class, learned WHAT WAS IMPORTANT TO KCBS. They teach you how to score and what obvious things to look for.

On comp days I make sure to pace myself :). This will be my second year judging, first year was a blast. Gave me a reason to get lots of great photos of all the different rigs for ideas and websites.

Now the CD you have to listen to every contest gets pretty repetitive.

Take care,

There is a class 30 miles from me (in Canton, GA) in August but it happens to be on the same day we have our Red Beans and Rice Cook Off. I am torn because I think it would be a great experience not to mention a ton of fun, but aside from smoking, which is new to me, I take my other competitions fairly serious. Shortly later we have a chili cook off.

Whats a guy to do. Have a brew with the guys and cook something....
What else could be better.

I am thinking hit the class and fly back. I'll miss some of the social event but might be in time to try and win the title back (been a few years).
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