Kabobs anyone?

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Jul 4, 2005
here is a pic of some chicken kabobs, they are so easy to make and tatse great with all the flavor from the sausage, peppers and onions
I make a thai style of kabobs that I'll try to smoke some day, and will let you all know if they turn out ok. I only need to know how long you smoke yours crazyhorse? I would be using pork with a thai marinate.

Thanks Jake
Jake, with the kabobs you can smoke them at a higher temp (275-300*)and since the meat is boneless you can pull it when the internal temp reaches 170*.

When I do kabobs, I put the meat on one skewer and the veggies on another. That way I can pull the veggies when they're done and still cook the meat to safe internal temps without worrying about burning the veggies.
Now that is a good Idea Earl D-. Thats make about 3 or 4 ideas I got from you hope to give you some back 1 of these days. I will definily give you the Thai recipe when I get off work.

Hey Jake,good to find someone else close to home.Im not to far from you ,Ripley WV just down I77 a ways.Welcome
Hey dacdots Thanks for the welcome. I come down your way alot going to Charleston. My lady is from thier. I also like your slogan. well take care and maybe we'll hook up for some good eats.

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