Just wondering

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Jun 20, 2006
Long Beach, California
I seem ti buy a new bag of kingsford at least once a week, going thru them even faster now that it is summer, and I can not stand the thought of turning on the stove in the apartment.

Question, How much charcoal are you using in a week
I was just thinking the same thing! I've used over 20 lbs just in the last 3 days .... Am I using too much? Is it all going up the stack??
Ah well, it's cheaper than a boat.
I know where you're coming from Ice. I used a 20# bottle of propane, 6 sticks of pecan wood, about a dozen chunks of hickory and 4# of cowboy charcoal in 24 hours. I can't imagine how much I would have used without the Propane :!:
Wife got mad at me last night at wally world. Today eing the 4th we were going to go to a park, and just do hot dogs, burgers, maybe some hot links. That meant a new portable propane grill for me. We go in, get to lawn and garden pick up the grill. On the way to the front, I stop and grab a twin pack bag of Kingsford. 8.87 for teh set...."Do we need that right now?" left the charcoal, got a 40lb bag of best of the west lump this AM.
LOL ..... poor guy, but I get the same thing .... We were at Home Depot yesterday, spending 40 miutes in the garden section (for 2 azleas!) I make aquick short cut to the grill section and am just picking up a rib rack when I hear " Are you going to spend all day ..." Course I was the one who got pissed that time!

Ah, well. Such is life...
How long have you been married??
Haven't you learned yet...when you have things to look at and put into the basket...dump them off in the clothes section...clothes and lawn and garden are on opposite ends of the store...get what you want...meet her back in clothes....too far to go back to put anything back you have...

Sean...sounds like you are still on your honeymoon...never take her to Home Depot..there is just too much good junk to come home with...plants and flowers..get at a garden center...they usually have a better selection of things and a better chance of getting out of there quicker...

Lots of luck guys...

32 Happy years and counting
Aaahh, a lone voice of wisdom. LOL

Congrats on the 32 years Rich, that's something to proud of ! It makes my 13+ seem like a walk in the park. And yes, it's still like our honeymoon, although we never really had one... abd yes I still hear about THAT.

Actually, she's pretty good. We do alot of planting, landscaping etc .... At least I make the holes and she fills them.
Oh, and Homes Depot and Lowes just moved into town 3 yrs ago .... They are the only game in town her in SW AZ. So we sorta have to go there.
if you check out the Extreme Gardening Section you'll notice that after 30 years I still plant lots of flowers $ plants for the Missus.
Hey Guys...
Just had to get a little humor going here...it was just too easy...

Cajun...like your flag....congrats on the 30 also..

Sean.. the 13 will turn into 30 before you know it..

the cost of charcoal is one of the scale tipping factors
that made me go electric.

my main reason for buying a smoker was
to smoke my homemade sausages.

almost every thing gets smoked now!
I go through one bag per 1.5 months.

Still got 2 bags of the good stuff (old "K") unopened from my 8 bag stash.

Having the gasser (with my new aluminum fire grates, and cast iron smoke chip box) is priceless. $13 in propane lasts 2 months. I got 3 tanks, refill them twice a year.
The Kenmore gasser is just a grill.

To clarify, I cook out nearly every night.

When I have 2 hours (1/2 for chimney, 1.5 for cook time) I offset on the Kettle. This is maybe 1 weekday and 1 weekend day. The chimney is 50/50 charcoal/hickory chunk. And when I'm done, I close all the vents down. Coals go out, and and reuse whats left as the next chimney

The other 3 or 4 days it the gas grill.

Use the WSM about every 6 weeks, cooking enough for vacusuc bags to last. Again, I am going like 60/40 to 50/50 charcoal to wood in that too. The WSM is very efficient in fuel consumption and I never use a full ring (I do flats, mind you)

The Bandera, I only get to crank her up every 3 months or so. I cook a ton of stuff, especially stuff you need door access too (ribs, skinnies, beans) and stuff I need a large vertical for (cheesy bread slowly dripping through the grate for 2 feet in the smoke) and that one I use a chimney as a coal bed, then try and go all wood if I can. The Dera is by far my biggest fuel hog.
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