Just some spatchcocked chickens fresh off the smoke

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I don't know what temps your rig cooks at, but I do spatchcocked fryers on the bbq in the center with only the outer burners on (indirect heat) at 300-350, and it usually takes 40min to an hr. I then crank the center burners and flip the bird for a 5 minute crisp up. Hope that helps
Interesting method! (The black spot). Thanks.

But does anyone know what length of time I should smoke the whole raw spatchcock cut bird on my little Brinkmann gas smoker? An hour maybe?

Leah, not being an educated donkey here, but time will depend on a lot of things....

Temperature of the pit
Efficiency of the pit
Size of the bird

For starters, I'd say 300 and start checking the thigh and breast temps at about 1.5 hours.

I always love looking at the pics of your cooks! The details and shots are great. The smile is good as well!
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CrankyBuzzard, thank you tons!

I didn't mean to invade your thread but loved your post & am excited to learn, & to do one too!

(Have used grape seed oil for ages as well and so I enjoyed your post on that level too although now I use avocado oil for all things).

In any event, thank you so much! Your info IS helpful, and I am excited to give it a whirl! Happy new week! Looks like your family was happy with this menu indeed!!

Cheers and many thanks, Leah
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 Oh yea... Spatchcock Chicken  is the BOMB!! Anymore I'd rather do a whole chicken that way than a Sittin' Chicken (beer can chicken)! Last couple of whole birds I did that way and we love it. I haven't done one in my MES yet but may try one soon. I usually do about a 3-1/2 - 4lb bird when I do it for the Mrs. and I because we like the leftovers for sandwiches, salads,. etc. I cook them in the middle of my gas grill by indirect heat with the two outside burners going and I maintain the heat around 300 for 35-40 min on the first side and 25-30 on the second side. I usually start out with the open cavity down for the first 35 min. or so and then flip and do the skin side down to finish up. I run some smoke over the bird the whole time with my homemade "soup can smoker" and the skin comes out crispy for the most part with a nice hint of smoke flavor to the bird, but not so much that it takes away from the flavor of the rub. Temp of the finish bird is usually 185+

Looks great

I tried one the other week and wasn't happy with the outcome. I pulled too early and the meat was rubbery. I also didn't clean my pan before putting them in after smoking ribs so the chicken had a hotdog smell.

Considering that it was my first time and I didn't kill anyone it was a success
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