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Original poster
Oct 22, 2006
Northeast Ohio
Greetings from Ohio. I'm a definite rookie with a few years of much interest but little success. My first experience with smoking was using the ECB and never had much luck with it. In the early 80's, did a fair amount of cold smoking salmon in Alaska using a smoker made of wood lath and visqueen. Great results and lived to tell about it! After reading the forum and researching for about 2 months I've "jumped" into it. Bought a GOSM Big Block and am anxious to give it a try soon. Any suggestions for a fairly simple starter meat? Looking forward to learn alot from the forum.
Welcome trkyhntr,

Glad you are here. I have the small GOSM and love it. Please consider the 5-day ecourse on smoking basics. If you have questions, ask away. The friendly folks here at SMF will be glad to make answer.

As an answer to your question about a simple starter meat, I would suggest a pork butt (sometimes called "Boston Butt" or pork shoulder). I get mine at Sam's Club. They usually come two in a cryovac bag and can weigh anywhere from 5 to 8 lbs each. They are very forgiving, although they do take a bit of time to get them to where they pull easily. Please browse through the pork forum for more info.

Also, we love pics if you can post them. (food p0rn)

Here is a link to my last pic post of butts.


Take care, have fun, and do good!


Welcome to SMF trkyhntr!!!

There are lots of GOSM users here that are always more than ready to help. I also think a pork butt is a good starter smoke. Pretty cheap and very forgiving but you need to be sure and set aside plenty of time to get it done. Good BBQ don't run on a clock, it's just done when it's done. ;)
Welcome to SMF. Lots of good info here from a lot of great people. Stick arouns and you'll be pro in no time.
Welcome to the forum trkyhntr. I would have to agree with everyone on the butt. I too get mine at Sam's, I smoke one and freeze the other for a later smoke. Give yourself plenty of time (13-18 hours perhaps) and have plenty of fuel. Start earlier than you think you should, as the plateau has got me a couple of times... Good luck, enjoy the site.
Welcome to the SMF! I agree with the butt recommendations. Not only is it not difficult and very forgiving, it's also great eating.
Regarding your selection of the GOSM, I think you will really enjoy the smoker. It really minimizes the maintenance of the smoke and thus on a busy day, will allow you to do chores in parallel to smoking the meat. Good luck and post often!

Edit: Don't forget to use some of Florida Jeffs' finishing sauce. I guarantee you'll be glad you did.
Welcome to SMF, trkyhntr. Lots of advice has been given to you and all of it good. Check out the Propane Forum in the Smoking Supplies and Equipment section for more info on these smokers.

Looking forward to your posts.

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