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short one

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Feb 9, 2007
Northwest Missouri
Hello: I'm Steve from NW Mo.Hope this isn't a repeat.I did a thread and didn't know if I did it right so I started over.I built a 300 gal. barrel smoker with firebox centered inside. Been smoking for 7-8 years and looking forward to trying some of the items and hints from the forum. Found this site about a month ago and have visited it several times but just registered today. Hello all Steve
welcome to the forums, and like ultra would love to see pic's of that bad boy!!!! I'd tell you that this is a great place for info and such, but you've been lurking long enough to already know that :p
Welcome to the SMF shortone, glad you decided to join in. Wow 300gal, you got everybody excited to take a looky see at that big boy!!! Again, welcome :D .
Welcome aboard ShortOne,

Like everyone else I would love to see some pics of your rig
Welcome shortone. 300 gallon smoker!!! I bet you could put a whole hog or half a beef in that thing. Enjoy the Forum!!
Welcome to the forum Steve. Like everyone else, I'd love to see your work. Post some pics of your smoker if you can, it sounds nice.
Glad you're officially here now shortone. Be a proud daddy and bust out some pics of that smokin machine. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Keep Smokin
Thanks for sharing the pics shortone. Looks like there's some personality going on. Does it have a name?
Pigcicles: Never really named it, just called it the Smoker. Homemaded but functional. Wonder what a sunfire would look like made into a smoker?
What do you think Debi?
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