just ordered some WGC Weekend Warrior

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Aug 6, 2007
well, I plan on seasoning my brand new CG Pro smoker this weekend with some el' cheapo Kingsford "100% hardwoord biquettes" and then smoke up some nice meat on Sunday...maybe some 3-2-1 ribs & ATB for my first attempt.

For the smoking, I plan on using the WGC Weekend Warrior lump, and throwing 2-3 chunks of hickory in.

My question is this; do I soak the hickory chunks, how many at a time, and how often do you typically need to add them.

This is my first attempt at smoking anything, so please, be easy on me
I have found that soaking only makes the wood smolder. Enjoy your new smoker!

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


someone should be along shortly that knows that smoker as for soaking the wood some do some don't I don't and have no problems If you have not jump on over to Roll Call and tell us a little about yourself and get a proper welcome and sign up for the 5-day e course welcome to the SMF
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