Just like the Gyro from .......

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Dec 19, 2005
Beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan
Yesterday my wife ordered the Gyro from a local restraunt. It looked like ground lamb with pepper and other spices mixed in it and roasted.

If I wanted to make this at home. How would I duplicate it?
Thanks for the link. I do not have a rotisserie but figure if I place it in my smoker and move it around maybe it will get me close. What are your thoughts?
Should work fine. I Think he mentioed that it can be done in the oven, so why not the smoker. Let us know if you try it. It looks like it could be a little bit of a process, but we know you got the skills.

When I first read the Title of the post, I thought about the Sienfeld episode when Kramer ran off the subway to buy the Gyro and attempt to get back on the same train before it departed ........
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