Just Learning

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just learning

Original poster
Nov 6, 2006
Southern Oregon
Hi everyone -

We're the Davidsons and we are just learning how to smoke. We're from Southern Oregon & we get a lot of wild game i.e. deer, elk, bear, cougar, waterfowl, etc. We only have a hand-me-down Lil' Cheif Smoker & are just starting to try to use it. We just raised a pig & want to do our own bacon - help?!?!? Hope to hear from anyone smoking litterate.
Howdy Davidson clan. Welcome, and I think you've found the right place. Good group of folks here with a ton of knowledge. Got questions...ASK 'em, they will be answered, discussed, re-answered, and ultimately, you'll walk away with the best of many ways to do it :)

On a side note, how far are ya from Grants Pass? I've got some good friends in that area and I love to be reminded of how great the folks are out that way. One of the best county fairs and tractor pulls I've ever been to took place out there.

Welcome, you came to the right place. You will find this to be a fountain of knowledge when it comes to smoking and many other areas. Good luck.

Some of the wild game you have sounds awesome, wish I had access to some of those meats.


Glad you are here. Please also consider taking Jeff's 5-day course on smoking. It covers many smoking basics. The folks here are friendly and will make answer to your questions.

Have fun, take care, and do good.


Goooooooooood morning!!!
Welcome. I noticed that you say 'we are just learning.' That leads me to believe that you're including the family into your new found hobby. That's great! My kids love to help with the smoker. They call themselves 'Smokin' Team V'.
Only one problem I see. After reading through all these posts, you'll have change your user name to 'justconfused', because you'll be just confused about which great rub, mop, sauce, wood or method to use on your next smoke. My intent is to try them all.
Have fun and prepare to put on some poundage.
Welcome, you are about to enter the world of good eats, friend, and the folks here will be glad to help you. Remember, itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s not the quantity of the smoke, itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s the quality of the thin blue smoke!
Welcome to SMF Just learning. There is a great bunch of guys here who will be more than glad to help you along. Just find the appropriate forums for your questions, post away, and most importantly have fun. Also, sign up for and take Jeff's 5-day eCourse. It will be a great boost to get ya started!
Just Learning, Welcome to SMF!! Glad to have your clan join our family!! Check out the "Smoking Bacon" Forum in the "Smoking Meats (and other things) Section. Several of us use a commercial product put out by Hi Mountian Seasconing called "Buckboard Bacon". It is primarily used for turning pork butts into "Buckboard Bacon" and pork loins into "Canadian" style bacon, I can't see why you couldn't use it to turn pork bellies into bacon. Keep in mind that this product is a dry cure compound.
Welcome to the forum. Have some great guy's here that know their smoking. Questions ? Someone has an answer.
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