Just joined and a very new smoker

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Original poster
Aug 13, 2007
Haddam Ct
Hello All! Im from Haddam Ct and finally after sometime!going to start smoking some meat with my first smoking grill i got from my dad.I would like to start with something simple!maybe some chicken.Here is a pic of the grill my dad gave me (never used)!it was made to be used with charcoal but i also got an electric heating element that will make it possible to use electric.I bought a a bag of hickory wood for a start.
Thanks for joining the SMF. Looks as if your on your way to a life of fun and good eats too!
Welcome to the SMF, you might look into doing a Butt, it's a pretty forgiving piece of meat, you can do it sliced or pulled
Hey, SJ, glad to see you made it over here. See you have already been attacked by or should I say smothered by numerous greeters. Not unlike MTF. You're in good hands here.

Folks, I'm the guilty party that pointed SJ in this direction when he mentioned wanting to use the smoker his father gave him.
Welcome to SMF. For my.02 Blackhawk is correct, a butt is a good place to start. My first was great. Can't say the same for my first yardbird. It was edible but not anything to brag on.
Welcome StanlyJohn -

I'm in Norwich - practically neighbors! Hey that's 4 from CT now! WooHoo! I was begining to think we didn't like Q here in CT.

I have alot of great recipes on my site you can try and I think there all easy. You might want to save time and get Jeff's Rub and sauce recipe now and save the agrivation of trying to find one you like. They are fabulas!

If you do chicken I highlt recomends brining it really add flavor! Here's my website:


Greetings SJ and welcome. Now I have a question for you, What is the big box to the right of the smoker with what appears to be a speaker sitting on it? I know I'm kind of wierd but I like old stuff that has lots of knobs.
Welcome aboard SJ, glad you were "nudged" our way!

You have a good smoker to start out with there, and if I were you, I'd jump right in with a Boston butt or a shoulder... Pulled pork is awesome!
Welcome! Yes, definitely jump right in and go get a small boston butt. There's a ton of threads in here on how to do one very easily, and you'll be a superhero around the house when you serve the results.

BTW, you'll see your particular smoker referred to in the boards as an "ECB" which stands for "El Cheapo Brinkmann". Certainly not derogatory, as this is probably the single most popular smoker around. Everyone's got one or had one at some time in their smoking career. It's an awesome place to start. About the time you get the hang of using it though, you'll be wanting a little more "real estate" and you will start eyeing the bigger ones (fondly... longingly) when you walk through Home Depot. It's just a natural progression, and Dutch or DeeJayDebi will have a talk with you about the "tips" and the "flats" when that happens. :)

As with all the new guys we see around here, I'm impressed with 1) your enthusiasm for the art, and 2) your desire to get the most out of the experience, which has led you to 3) a very wise choice in you choice of internet-based smoking/bbq research sites.

Seriously, this forum is packed with info on anything you could ever dream of putting in your smoker, and some of the folks here have been doing this for a looooooong time. I personally am certainly not a master, but probably now an acolyte of the arts. I've been grilling and frying for a long time, but I got my smoker at the beginning of the summer and have been using it about every weekend doing *something* on it. Doesn't have to be huge or involved, but I've found that that the results that come out of my smoker easily trump anything that has come from my grill.

Do some searches on the boston butt, "abt", and "fatty" and you'll be walking the walk and talking the talk in no time.

Have fun, and don't forget to post more pics - you got off to a good start there with the shot of your ECB!

Thats an old military short wave radio from around 1936!Still Works.Thanks for all the nice greetings!This weekend i will smoke for the first time!not sure what yet.Im at lesson 3 on the 5 lessons on smoking.I must really be a rookie!!I never heard of Boston butt!!But im sure im going to find out soon.
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