just got the elect. convertor for my ECB we'll see...

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by duffygould, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Just got it and now we'll see how it goes on a brisket later this week. Now all I need to do is figure out a temp control for it.

    any ideas?

    I've looked at the elect mods page, and saw the thermostats people have been putting on theres, but i cant seem to find any online.
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    I use an ECB element as the heat source in my refer conversion, and an Allied-Kenco thermostat control. But for the price of that or other control unit your kinda defeating the point of an ecb. You might try putting some of the venting mods to work first, as well as experimenting with water vs. sand in your liquid pan, as well as wind breaks, blankets, etc.
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  4. well i used the new addition last night and my evaluation thus far...[​IMG] Now i did have to use a moving blanket to sheild it from the wind, but after that fiasco, heated up nicely.

    My only problem was the smoking part... the little 4 inch pan that comes with it seems too small. so i used two 8 inch metal pie pans. one upside down ontop of the burner and the other right side up on the other one (now there bottom to bottom). threw in some chips ( that burned up too fast might i add. and then just layed a piece of mesquite on there and that seemed to be better. So my question now is what do yall use for your pan and wood setup? because if i use the two pans i don't have much room to fit wood in there, I actually had to put the water pan on top of the lower grill.
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    Duffy, Good thread. I am just catching up. I use a pie pan as you mention and just set it on the element with 2 maybe 3 dry chunks in it. Sometimes they ignite which spikes the smoker temp but as Mulepackin mentions, I just use venting to moderate the temp. I would like to add the controls you have so may ask you more.

    Here is a pic of the pie pan I use taken through the side door

    Also be careful with the moving blankets. I used carpet (I know flammable!) until I had a chicken flare-up recently that became a near miss for being REAL trouble. I intend to get a welding blanket for this reason.
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    duffyg, just putting in my 02 cents worth from being there, doin it. have 2 ecbs, added factory elements to both, major expense, didnt add temp control, too major of an expense and would still end up with next to nothing when done. after reading all the good info on here for a month i got a mes. now i see a post below this, "thinkin ahead always" walmart sells an electric smoker w/ temp control, no clue how it works, but under a 100 bucks. both units are pretty well sealed and insulated from cold and wind. may want to check out something like that if you cook a lot, instead of dumping a bunch of money into something that will never work too well, like i did.

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