Just finished my first ribs

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
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Mar 19, 2007
Avon MN.
First time I did ribs. Got 2 racks of beauties and used jeff's rub and smoked them with Black Cherry. They look great, I sprayed them with apple juice during the smoking and had the fire at about 225-250. It took me 6 hours. Now with garlic chedder biscuits, a pasta salad and a Lienies Summer Shandy I should be set for supper. Can't wait for the wife to get home to see um. I have to quit I'm droolin on the keyboard again.
Did you take any pix? We love pix! You sound happy ...so I'm assuming everything turned out OK .....
.... got my fingers crossed for ya....
Sorry digital camera is down, wife said they were better than "Famous Daves", ansd she loves Famous Daves. But I will take pictures of the next batch for sure, even if I have to draw them with crayons.
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