Just bought a new Recipie application for my Mac

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Nov 2, 2006
It's called "A Cooks Book" and it seems to be pretty friendly. I'm wondering if any on here have recipies in an application format (cooks books, MasterCook, etc) that they'd be willing to share with me in an export file. IE, actually export it to a data file rather than print off a bunch of text files? I've got a few recipies already imported from my own database, but it's pretty tedious work :)

I don't wish to break any copyright laws, so if they're copyrighted, I'll have to pass.

Wow, no one has this software? I can recommend it highly for those of you with OSX.
no but here is a list that it is compatible with (both pc and mac). Some of which I've never heard of. MasterCook, Meal Master and Cook'n are all pretty popular with the PC crowd

Import recipe: A Cook's Books imports recipes from most major recipe programs and some not so major:

MasterCook Mac and MasterCook PC — single or multiple recipe files.
Meal Master Mac and Meal Master PC — single or multiple recipe files.
FileMaker Pro (FMP) based recipe managers such as Cookware Deluxe, Computer Cuisine, and Mis en Place. In fact, you can import any FMP-based recipe, even home-grown ones.
Cook'n — The PC world's hottest new recipe program.
Yum! — single or multiple recipe files (Mac).
The Recipe Manager
I've also had several customers successfully import recipes from Excel.
Alas, I can't get Mangia to import. The good news is that someone has figured it out. Here's a link: <http://www.cobblers.net/blog/dev/mangia.html>
I've used MasterCook by Sierra for years but I think they stopped selling it or at least they seem to have dropped their website that supports it. It's a great program.
I would love a program like this, if you have experience with a particular program please share it.

Mastercook is now ValueSoft

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