Just Another Brisky!!

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Looks fine to me too Justin! We've all had cooks that just didn't meet our expectations bit the family loved it.

Hmm... looking at the photos it appears to be falling apart which could indicate being overdone. Did you go straight from the smoker to the oven? If so, the cooking continued. When pulling a tender probed brisket, always let it sit open on the counter until the IT drops 5-10º to ensure the cooking has ceased. You can then proceed with the resting via oven or cooler with towels.

Regardless, it looks good and the family loved it! There is always good use for smoked brisket no matter how it got done. It makes kick ass chili.
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If the fam loved it then it’s a good day! And it will be another good day to try again. Next time save some rendered tallow and drizzle it over the flat right after you slice it…..it will make a huge difference!
I'd mow through a big plate of that in a heartbeat.

It is a bit overcooked. If the probe goes in with zero resistance, it's overcooked. If it goes in like you are sticking a cooled down to room temp cake or a jar of peanut butter, that's more what I look for. I start checking about 193 and 90% are pulled before that flat touches 200.

You really only get 4-6 inches off a flat that is just solid perfect. Don't sweat it, looks darn tasty.

Try probing from the side. I get a better feel that way.
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