Just Another Brisky!!

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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
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Nic picked up a nice one… she can always read my mind! I am so in the mood for some brisky multiple ways. And this one should fit the bill!

I do want to give a heavenly shout out to those that really impacted the cook I am today… Bearcarver Bearcarver , foamheart foamheart , garys garys and chef jimmyj chef jimmyj … may you all rest in peace! You all were an inspiration to me and appreciate you all! RIP my friends…

I also want to give a shout out to two people that I loved their music and character… Toby Keith and Jimmy Buffett… RIP… Just my saying… “I should have been a cowboy down in Margaritaville!” RIP Toby and Jimmy!

Just put it on as an overnighter… probes all set… just letting it cruise at 225*.

Lookin good....lots of SMF's with brisket on the brain!! I cooked one today as well.... looking forward to the Q vue and in for the ride.,,

Thanks Keith, I cannot compare to your level of cooking… just hoping to not mess it up! 😉
Time to wrap…




Now just let it ride at 250*…

So forgot to mention using GMG Gold Premium pellets…. Not my first choice but it’s all that was in stock… Also seasoned with MC The Gospel All Purpose and The Holy Gospel. Big fan of MC rubs.
Looking good Justin! Can wait to see the results My Friend! And thanks for prompting me to remember our departed friends…John, Kevin, Gary, JJ. Miss those guys!


seenred seenred Thanks buddy… you have been a big inspiration to me as well! You are the guilty one for getting me hooked on reverse sear steaks! And your advice thru the years has been invaluable and appreciated!
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Well, not my best brisky… and I just have to be honest… kinda disappointed in myself! Thinking of what I done wrong… Now don’t get me wrong… it was edible but the flat was a bit dry… not as bad as the pics show… but a bit dry! The point was awesome… but even I can’t screw that up! 😂

Should have turned the oven off after the first hour or so?!

Anyway… here are the pics! Good, bad, or ugly… here they are!




Again, not my best but the fam liked it… so I guess that’s a win….

Though I am personally disappointed in myself and the cook… I will have to redeem myself soon!

Thanks all for following along and sorry for messing this up…

Appreciate you all!
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