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Okay everyone, I've got a big gathering coming up, and I'm cooking the meat. Fuuuunnnnnn. I'm happy about it, but I'm also expected to put the "Dominic twist" on things. Normally good, right? Here's the question, has anyone soaked pork steaks in apple cider for a flavor twist. Besides just spritzing them as they cook. Since I'm doing about 150 of them, I thought it would just be a litle easier to get alot done faster this way. HELP ME.
Sounds like it would be great to me. Alot of folks soak there pork in Apple juice first
Apple in any form is a good flavor to pair with pork, whether used in a juice for a marinade, a glaze or served on the side as apple sauce.
I agree with Debi (dont i always
) the cider will help tenderize them and give them some great moisture! I've done ribs like that, Fantastic
WOW, it actually sounds like this might work. I'm thinking about putting all the pork steaks in a cooler before I leave to the cookout with the apple cider. I'm thinking by the time I get there, they sould be ready to cook. Thanks for the support everyone.
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