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Jul 7, 2005
Midvale, UT
The company I work for is sending lil' ol' me to Omaha, Nebraska to train a new Supervisor so there is a chance that I may not have access to a 'puter unless I take the ol' laptop (fat chance of that happining). I'll be gone from Tuesday - Friday so play nice and go easy on Monty, Soflaquer and Tulsa Jeff!!

BTW, any good Que to be found in Omaha?
Don't know about Q out that way, but if you have a layover in Denver, I'll buy you a beer or 3.

Thanks for the offer KE but my layover on the way there is in Las Vegas for 50 minutes and on the return trip it's Phoenix for 90 minutes.

BTW~I used to live in Denver in the mid '70's. They were beinging to rebuild parts of the city and the skyline was changing. I imagine that it's a totally different city now. If I had a Denver layover I'd say "Meet me at Duffy's Taveren!" (not sure if it's still around though). Still miss "going to the dogs" too!
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