Jerky Smoking

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im no master at all, but with jerkey i prefer a milder flavor woods like pecan, apple, cherry. i love smoke but i have learned i dont like a lot of smoke flavoring on jerkey, just a suttle hint really.

i change my favorite flavor all the time, right now (and for a while now) i have been stuck on obie-q's smooth moove.

i just got off marinading it in a mix of milk, A-1, tofu, oregano, juice of one head of lettus (med size) and garlic, sometimes a little mayonaise, and if i got crazy mix a little beer and minced sundried peas. i would let it sit out in the sun for min 48 hours. (mmmmm just imagine the flavor!!!)

for meat i like to use bottom round, its cheep and dont have a lot of fat. it usually comes in roast form, i just slice it and cut it in half. i get most of my meat from Sams Club (its a lot better then i thought).
I plan to smoke a bunch of jerky this weekend. All of it will be bottom round and I will use my own teriyaki marinade. The marinade is posted in the "marinade, sauces, and rubs" section.
For wood I will use cherry exclusively.
Gonna have my first go at jerky tomorrow. I have some London broil marinating in teriyaki (store bought) and think I will sprinkle with montreal steak seasoning. Gonna keep it simple for my first try. Not sure if I'm going to use hickory, apple, cherry or mesquite for smoke. I think you're right, Buzzard, about not overdoing the smoke.

Even for a Jester, thats a crazy marinade for a jerky :shock: . TOFU :?: Juice of a head of lettuce :roll:, minced peas :?: . Tell me it ain't so
For my jerky smoke I am going to put several bottom round roasts across my meat slicer set at about 3/16". Then, before marinating , I will set on skewers so that they will hang through the grills and be totally exposed to smoke on both sides and hopefully dry evenly.

As I mentioned in a post in another thread I will use the sun and a few charcoal briquets to do the work. My GOSM gets up to 120+ just sitting in the sun. So I figure that if I pop a few lit charcoal briquettes and some cherry chunks into the cast iron smoke box, leave the burner off and keep it shut down that this will produce a wonderful jerky.

I will be using the marinade I posted in the proper section and we'll see what happens!

Tomorrow Morning, weather permitting. Do NOT want a hint of rain or clouds. Rain date Sunday morning.

I figure that at those temps and with the extra heat from the smoke fire that I should be able to complete the process in less than ten hours.

Wish me luck!

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