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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by pitbullcrazy30, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. hello im making my second batch of jerky in my new MES and i notice the ends keep getting done quicker, to the point of almost burning, i think the end is just as thick as the rest of the strip ? any ideas why or how to prevent this? im using my cabelas jerky strip shooter thing lol
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    howdy Pit,had to go look what a jerky shooter is(hmmm)never used 1 of those before.I hang my jerky & cook over low temps(with cure)towards the end I add smoke & increase the temps-this technique has worked well for me for many years,good luck in the future.ahh thats where I seen 1 of them before,on the paintball field.hehe (sorry)
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    What temp you runnin, jerky on the rack's or pan's,is the thermo accurate, vented properly???
    I'm guessing temp problem?[​IMG]
  4. its laying on the racks, i was running it at 160 temp. should the top vent be opened closed? oh and its ground beef jerky. i also just finished smokin a good breast, legs, and 2 duck breasts and oh my god is it good!!! oh i love this smoker[​IMG]
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    Top vent alway's open, check the thermo........
    How did you do the goose boob's, marinate?
    I love the jerky shooter, makes good jerky with a nice texture, should not be burning at 160* though [​IMG]
  6. goose boobs lol , i soaked it in a salty cure for 24 hours then just put it in the smoker, and slkowly smoked it for 4 hours, then cut into strips rolled in flour and fried it in butter!! yeah i really like the jerky shooter too, ill have to check to make sure the thermometer is corret, acually its wasnt really burnt on the ends just way way drier than the rest, almost too dry, oh and when should the dampner be closed? i guess ive had it almost closed on all the things i made in it so far because its been so cold out, i thought it would help it heat up?
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    pitbull .... to heat up your house, you can close the damper. It will help it heat up a little faster. The important thing is to open it when you put the jerky in, initially. You want it to dry off a bit, and become slightly tacky. This is a tough thing to describe, and harder to figure out if you are not familiar with smoking meat.

    When you deem your jerky dry enough, then you would close the damper, and put the smoke to it. With the damper closed, you won't waste your smoke, and it will stay in the house, and "flavor" the meat. Once the smoke has dissipated, then you can open the damper, again, and turn up your heat. Now you will be doing the finish cook on the jerky, and drying it out.

    The over dry edges makes me think the slices might be tapered a bit. It's tough slicing meat, that the ends aren't square. You will almost always have this issue though. It's just something that we have to deal with. I have had too much heat, in the bottom of my house, and usually have to rotate my racks around a little bit, and take out the done pieces as they finish.

    Hope this helps.

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