Jerky Pics

Discussion in 'Drying/Dehydrating' started by craigfperry, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. here is some jerky that i made yesterday
  2. navionjim

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    Nice red color! I see allot of black jerky out there, both are good but I like to see the red product myself, did you smoke or dehydrate that and how much cure did you use to retain that color? I'm giving ya a point for presentation!
  3. This was done in the dehydrator.
    Flavor is mild.
    1.5 teaspoons of cure per pound.
    I make some good black jerky as well.
  4. abelman

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    Looks awesome!! That's what I visualize when I think of jerky.

    Any chance on details for those of us who have never done jerky but want to? In other words A-Z?

    (I know there are other threads and I can search but that looks top notch)
  5. Thanks for the kind words
    This is standard issue jerky
    The seasoning is ol' Bobs mild
    with black pepper added
    1.5 teaspoons of cure per pound
    90/10 ground beef
    loaded into the dryer w/ jerky shooter
    dried for 8 or 9 hours and finished in the oven at 175* for 30 to 45 minutes.
    I got a bourbon/brown sugar batch coming off tonight
    will post pics later.
  6. abelman

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    Thanks, I figured that to be a sliced piece of meat.
  7. bratrules

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    Did you cure the meat in the refrigerator prior to drying it? If so for how long?

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