Jay's First Brisket

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Jan 22, 2006
Arnold, MD
After reading a whole bunch of stuff on here, I decided to throw a brisket on the smoker yesterday afternoon after trying to catch some fish. (it didn't work)

I threw some kosher salt and pepper on the brisket and dropped it on the grates over some hickory and lump charcoal in my vertical brinkman. I smoked it until I couldn't stay awake anymore, about 12 hours and was at the dreaded 160 plateau. With having been up early on the water and being tired, I decided to call it off at 1:30 am. I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge. Pulled it out today and stuck it in the oven (do what you gotta do) on 250 and let it warm through the day. I got it to 180, then pulled it off. I waited about 15-20 minutes and sliced it. That's some pretty good stuff! It was tender, albeit a bit dry, but had great flavor. I learned that the ends should be trimmed first and set aside for chili, leaving the rest of the tender stuff for eating. We're going to make some sandwiches tomorrow night. I think I have some speide sauce I'll throw on the sandwiches for some juice and flavor.

Since I did the chicken too, I cut the breast up for quesadillas on Tuesday. Most of the rest except for the wings (with dinner tonight) and a thigh and drumsticks went into a freezer bag for some soup when it gets cooler outside.

Can't wait till next time!








Great looking brisket! I bet was great tasting also. The Drunkin' Chicken look tasty also. Next time buy one of them chickens that can hold it's booze and does not need a crutch (chicken stand). :lol: The chicken will stay up with a little proper positioning. Oh yeah, if you fold the wings back you will not need to hogtie them to the sides.
Way to go Jay! That's some mighty fine lookin' grub ya got there! I did a couple yardbirds this weekend too, for my kids, that were absolutely delicious. I wish I could post pics to share but the ex-&!#@# took my digital camera in the divorce. :evil:

Jay, you owe the company I work for 1 keyboard and 1 monitor. I drooled on the keyboard and shorted out the monitor try to grab a bite of that brisket and chicken. Feels good to sit back and relax after a smoke like that doesn't it.
Nice pic's Jay. Good looking bark on that brisket. Did you mop/spray your brisket during the smoke?
oillogger, I used to do it old-school style too, but this just allows me to be more sloppy and not be punished for it with a mess!

Brian, buy a new camera!

Gary, that's a small sacrifice for good food! It is nice to relax with a hard day's work!

Dutch, I was happy with the bark too! No mops or anything, just wonderful beef! I did remove the water pan for a minute towards the end to further char the fat cap.

Tonight was smoked chicken breast quesadillas. Tomorrow night is brisket sammiches with speide sauce! :-)

Later on in the summer, we're going to have a big barbecue with a boston butt, spare ribs and a bushel or two of MD crabs. I'll get my camera ready!
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