Jack Daniels wood chips

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Nov 30, 2006
Strang, Nebraska
My wife just brought home a bag of Jack Daniels wood chips. Can anyone describe what the taste will be like. I plan on doing a pork butt this weekend.
I tried the Jack Daniels chips once. Since I like their premier product a lot, I thought the chips would add a nice flavor to my smoke. Now that I recall it, they might not have been chips. I now believe they might have been very small finely processed nuggets or granules. Anyway, I was out of hickory so I picked up a couple of bags at my local Home Depot. My assessment is that they weren't very good. They smoked fairly good but little of the oak or whiskey flavor. They weren't totally bad but as long as I can find my preferred wood (hickory) or one of the others like cherry, oak, apple, pecan etc., I won't be using any more of the Jack Daniels. Just my 2cents worth. Hope yours turns out much better.
I smoked two steaks yesterday for lunch with the Jack Daniels chips. They really gave them a good flavor. I think next week I will try a pork butt with them. I thought about smoking a butt this weekend, but I figured I would try a steak first, in case I did not like the taste. I did not want to waste the butt.
I Grill ALL The Time But I Cheat I Do Not Really Smoke The Way You Big Time Smoke People Do,i Just Do Not Have Hours To Wait So I Only Use Jack Daniels Chips (not The Pellets)they Suck,i Keep A Bucket Of Chips In Water At All Times And Put Chips On Top Of Charcoal And Then Will Some Times Dump A Cup Full Of Water On Them To Cool Down The Heat,put Meat On Grill And Shut Vents And Let Smoke,the Best Flavor Ever,i Have Tried Every Brand Of Chip Out There And Will Not Ever Buy Anything Else,pork Steaks Are To Die For This Way.my Family Loves Them And When We Are Out Of Chips We Are Looking In Every Store,the Only Place I Can Buy Them Is Walmart (hit And Miss)for $3.99 A Bag And Sportsmans Warehouse For $5.99 Per Bag,last Winter We Had To Order Them From Jack Daniels Web Site For $9.95 Plus Shipping,we Bought 10 Bags To Get Us Thru Winter,i Use Alot Of Chips This Way But Once You Do It And Taste The Flavor You Will Be Cutting Down Any White Oak Tree You Find. Try It And Let Me Know,grill Like Normal But A Little Slower Just Keep The Heat Down And Let It Smoke,pork Chops,steaks,burgers,johnson Vill Sausage.
I had a couple bags I tried, thought they were a bit to strong fer my likin. I cut em with some apple wood to the tune of bout 50/50 and they weren't bad. I won't pay the price fer em myself.
I've used the pellets a couple of times. Personally, I didn't really notice if they added anything or not. I tend to use a combination of mesquite and hickory - usually alternating. I threw in a tin-foil pack of the pellets last time, just for fun. They did seem to last a fair amount of time.

I picked up another bag last night from Wal-mart. They were marked $3.77, but rang up for $3.00. Bag says it is good for 10 uses. Who's 10 uses? Definately not mine!

My philosophy is to just try to keep as much smoke as possible for as long as possible!
Never bought their chips, a buddy has and the smell from the bag was great. To cook with them though not really sure what I thought. The taste didn't even compare to the smell of the bag. I think I'd rather just use old #7 as a spray than burn their wood
I've used them and they taste like any other oak. I'd rather put some in a jar on the table for potpourri for that price. I prefer to mix a little JD with a little brown sugar and some apple juice (1:1:10), then spray it on the meat a couple times an hour throughout the smoke.
I used them this weekend after my dog stole my bag of hickory and chewed up the chunks. They did ok. I think they made it a little to smokey for my taste. I used two pouches during the 5 hour smoke. I think i'll stick with Hickory and Oak. But i would suggest trying it to see if you like it. After all it is just one man's opinion........
I found I liked them I soaked them about 30 minutes the flavor was pretty good
Dear unsure smoker,

Jack Daniels wood chips are the top of the line type of wood chips you want for the best flavor without alcohol taste.  We have smoked chicken, pork ribs, beef ribs, and even the pork briskit (forgot spelling), and everything is so delicious it just melts in your mouth.  I am having a really hard time finding it out here in Southern California. 
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