Itty Bitty Butt [Qview]

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  1. I gave my first attempt at pulled pork the other night since I've never smoked any type of roast by myself. A little practice for what comes next, which in the near future will probably be three or four larger pork butts.

    This little 3.8lb butt came out pretty good, the rub I whipped up needs less sugar. I also got stuck at 150 after five hours, due to hunger and time frame I had to finish it in the oven.

    Here she is at one hour:


    ...and two hours:


    Four Hours:

    Even the dog was getting impatient. He may not look like much, but the ball of white fur in the right corner has been more than happy to guard my BBQ from the possums, woodchucks, and above all those sneaky squirrels!


    And after five hours, before getting foil wrapped and going into the oven:


    And after 45 minutes at 350, and a 20 minute rest in the cooler:


    ...And ummm, that's it. I meant to get a picture of the smoke ring, but we kinda ate it once it was shredded.

    There are a couple things I want to do different on my next pulled pork. But this was mearly a prototype and did it's job well. Thanks for looking! [​IMG]
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    Nice work for your first try.

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