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It's thigh time I fired up my smoker...


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Super nice meal. Great job all around.
Thank you, I try hard.
Looks darn good to me
Thank you for the kind words.
I very thing looks great! I love good chicken thighs.
Chicken thighs are our favorite, too.
Super meal! The only thing missing is my invitation. Big like.

As for the tough chicken skin, try scraping the fat off the skin and putting it back. See https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/pia-bbq-chicken.286760/
Disco, you're always welcome and thank you for the link.

Beautiful, man!
Around here that's how thighs come. We just call them thighs.
Your simple approach with the vegetables is perfect (I need to get some Yukons).
Always a jar of bacon grease in our fridge :-)
Nice smoker!
Leg quarters always seem to have the back still attached to the thigh and I've seen them in the store where the meat cutter will separate the leg from the thigh, but not cut off the back. Steaming or boiling vegetables just seem to take something away from them unless they're in a soup or stew. I will microwave a whole head of cauliflower in a bowl until tender crisp and pour on a homemade cheese sauce. The smoker is basically brand new, so I need to use it more.
That is a first rate meal! Nice work and congrats!
Thank you.


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Excellent looking meal!
Love the smoker too!
Thank you, Al. Haven't cooked on my smoker but a couple of times since I got it, schedules always seem to be tight, but hopefully that'll soon change.


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I hope everyone appreciated your cooking. Mighty fine job.

I love grilled thighs. I usually de-bone so they cook faster. Thigh meat can easily take up to 180° without drying out.
@disco led me the way to crispy chicken skin. I do a modified version of separating the skin, but leave it attached to the thigh at a corner. Scrape down the fat and flap over the thigh. Makes it easier to keep meat and skin together for flipping.

I love taters and onions. I often foil wrap with generous dash of garlic rosemary seasoning and into the heat.

I leave the squash to my wife. She doesn't smoke and I don't like squash.
I'm always cooking for a crowd, mostly family, and I enjoy it and I think that they do, as well.


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Great Looking meal and a nice post.



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Outstanding craftsmanship! Definitely a winning meal for the gang. Hope you had some for all the work you did?! 🍻

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