It's Showtime - Really Big Smoke!!!

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watery eyes

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May 21, 2007
Detroit Suburbs
Well the day has finally arrived.....

I'm 44 today and we are having a serious BBQ dinner tonight!!

This is the menu.....

1x 6.5lb Pork Loin pulled
3x 5lb Roasting Chickens pulled
4x Fatty's
3x Ring Bologna
6x Bratwurst
6x Italian Sausage
Tangy Vinegar Cole Slaw
Wicked Baked Beans
Mayo Potato Salad
Pineapple Upside Down - Birthday Cake

There will be pictures taken as the "Q" comes off......
Happy Birthday Watery Eyes.. Hope you have a truly awesome day... and good luck with the smoke
And a partridge in a pear tree!! LMAO!! Sounds like a hell of a cook!
Happy B-Day! Mine was just on the 13th turned 43.

Have a great day and smoke away!
Hey Happy Birthday Watery Eyes. Sounds like you're going to have a good smoke. This is one party I wish I could attend.
Most people would think it was stange for the birthday boy to cook on his own birthday, But i know i see it as another excuse to smoke some meat. I might be offended if my family didnt let me cook on my birthday. Happy Birthday and good luck, and if you get time you know we love the Q-view.
Best wishes for a very happy birthday. Enjoy the day and the Q!
Happy birthday WE! That sounds like one helluva party in the making... too bad it's a 10 hour drive to for me get there!
Okay! I know the route like the back of my hand... I have family out that way. Hmmm, free room and board and free Q... sounds like a plan!
Pulled pork loin???
GASP!!! No, no don't do it W.E. don't do it. Check out either one of my smoked pork loin recipes. Shoulders and butts are for pulling, not pork loins!!!
(Okay, whine mode off

It's your supper so I reckon you can do what you want!!

BTW- Happy Birthday!! it is.....the "Q" view you have been waiting for...

There are pictures of the important parts only because I was running this show solo most of the day. I was running around crazy getting it started, but the rotations went down without issues.

Hope you enjoy as much as we all did......

The Fatty's were the first to come off.....everything that had a rub applied was done so with a modified version of Meowey's Rub.....

Shot with DMC-LX2.

Two of the three Butt-Birds were next......

Shot with DMC-LX2.

Followed by the Third Butt-Bird......

Shot with DMC-LX2.

I had rotated the Ring Bologna in place of the Fatty's and they were done next.....I'll probably do these without a rub next time.....

Shot with DMC-LX2.

Final piece of meat was the Pork Loin.......this shot doesn't show it but the Loin had some real beautiful bark...

Shot with DMC-LX2.

Here is the initial pull which was completely effortless......real nice smoke ring too....

Shot with DMC-LX2.

Shot with DMC-LX2.

The Wicked beans were awesome....substituted 2 of the for cans of baked beans with Pintos(nod to gypseagod) and added ham along with the turkey bacon I use.

Sausages were cooked well.....but with over 10 pounds of smoked Chicken and Pork - they didn't get a nod and will be on the menu for lunch tommorow and days on.

Other sides were Macaroni Salad, Tangy Cole Slaw and White Potato Salad.

This was without a doubt my biggest smoke to date and definitely my best. Everyone to the last person was blown away and most importantly, my Father was the most impressed. He has always been amazed at my ability to conquer any task I set my mind to and was especially impressed today. I know that my ability and success are a direct benefit of the great people here on SMF and the words of support and encouragement I have received from you in my brief but very busy stay.

Thank you all for helping me to give this gift back to my family.....
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