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Mar 7, 2023
Hopefully this is the correct place for this. I had been talking about buying a smoker for years and he would not let me because he wanted to build it. He built his brother one for his retirement gift as his trial run (9 years ago). So I have been waiting for this for a while. ITS FINALLY HOME!!!! (insert squeals) And its huge. I had some progress pics (the ones I posted) but he has not let me see it in person until today. I cannot tell you how excited I am! He built it at the shop at work so that he wouldn't have to keep moving the cars out and back in then got caught in a crunch trying to get it finished before he retired. Barely made it in time. The South by Southwest was the restaurant I was going to open years ago and was named by the kids. I'm southern he is from El Paso and the kids always said they grew up with Southern/Mexican fusion food. The original plan was Alabama crimson and UTEP blue but who knew the color selections for high temp paint were so limited? So we have UTEP colors (really its Chevrolet orange and Oldsmobile blue but close enough)

Tomorrow...seasoning. Then hopefully if the wind cooperates (not likely but there's always hope)Sunday ribs!


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Nov 9, 2019
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Just can't go wrong with Chevy orange! Small block lover for sure!
And smoker looks cool!

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Mar 7, 2023
Just can't go wrong with Chevy orange! Small block lover for sure!
And smoker looks cool!

Thanks. Joe has had the camaro since high school. When he built me the 442 the big block was an adjustment. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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