It's a good thing we ain't grilling!!

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Darn, I've been gas and charcoal grilling for twnety years.....not good :( .

Take care,

It's my belife that you have to look at these studies with a grain of salt. They were probably feeding the rats a straight chemical in large doses in order to get the results that they did (cancer showing up in 8 weeks is a pretty short timetable). We've been eating it in low quantities over very long periods of time. It's probably not worth the big scare and hype. Just remeber to eat a balanced diet, get exercise, and enjoy life (grilling and BBQ included). That's the best any of us can do.
But did you see the report that says hot peppers kill prostate cancer cells?!?! 8)
I say bring on the ABT's!! Habaneros anyone?? :shock: :twisted:
If hot peppers kill cancer cells, my ass is safe; I eat hot peppers all the time. Life is too short to worry about B.S. reports that usually come from tree hugging, anti hunting, second amendment attacking fruitcakes. Hopefully those generalizations didn't offend anyone.
yo dudes and dudettes,
did they feed the rats several beers while
eating the meat??

thats what happens around here.

beer washes the prostate.
at least it rinses it.

i eat jalepenos all the time.

i like the san marcos brand the best. [mexican]

for all the northern folk around here,
vlassic pickl;es has a good mild jalapeno.
thats for the women and kids.

[i guess my time in texas shows--lol]
I would like to know how much ate per the weight. Even if they gave the rat was about a 3lb one and they gave it 1oz of the burn part for us that would meen we would have to eat about 4lbs of it at a meal if you weighed 200 lbs. I have to say yea I have realy chard stuff on the grill before but I have never done it to 4lbs. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.