It may be single digits out, but...........

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Dec 4, 2006



Okay I want one. chicken, sausage .. oh heck I want it all AND the smokehouse... I'm hungry. Looks good Opus
.......and the goat/apple sausage was EXCELLENT! Will finish smoking the chickens, leg of goat, butter, cheese, garlic and almonds tomorrow.
What are your smoked almonds like? What is on them for spices. I cant eat them though. You'd end up doing mouth-to-mouth recreation on me.

Got the start of my new smokehouse today. Pics tomorrow. :)
As it stands this winter, I have an old farm disc sitting inside the house. I put my wood on it and light it up. Once its going good, I put a bottomless coffee can on it, around the wood. Then I put something on top of the can to sort of control the draft. There are holes on the bottom sides of the can as well. Its crude, and a pain to regulate. I am going to build a small wood stove, kinda like the size of a mailbox, this spring. I will be able to control the burn rate much better then.

What I am wanting to get at is a smokebox away from the house. Something I can really control better than what I have now. It works real well as it is, but requires a little more attention. I couldnt let it smoke overnight for it would go out. But when its cold, I just leave the meat in there anyways. Los of pluses living in cold country. ;)

I mainly use alder, sometimes I mix with apple. Dont care much for hickory, first because I'd have to buy it, second, it seems a strong bitter smoke.

The house doesnt get warm at all. I only cold smoke. I generally smoke meats for 1-2 days. I generally liquid brine my meats (not usually beef though) first. I dont do rubs, dont care for them that much. Once in a rare while I will rub some ribs, lightly. The sausages are ready to throw on the grill or fry pan, however you decide you like them. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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