Is this strange?

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Smoking Fanatic
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So is it wrong to start smoking turkey at 6am?
The deal is that I work nights, and got off at 5am. I've been working a lot of extra days, and haven't had time to do any smoking. I guess I needed a smoke fix. My girlfriend thinks its strange, and wanted some other opinions if this is natural or not.
Thanks all.
Not strange at all. You might point out the some will stay up all night smoking. Turkeys don't take as long as briskets or butts. Have fun!

Take care, have fun, and do good!,


Strange,,,,I for one do not think so ....although mrs.t-bone might not agree....and prolly not your neighbors .... smoke whenever and whatever you can ,works for me and lots others it seems .
Nothin strange about it. I work from 3am to 3:30pm so I got no problem startin my fire long befor sunrise. I dont know or care what the neighbors think.
Not strange at all. What would be strange?...........having an opportunity to smoke something and not taking advantage of it
You are a sick individual. You need to seek professional help. NOT!!!

All I can say is...
Smoke on bro!
Have you considered replacing your strange girlfriend?

Never heard of assigned smoking hours any place. Light up when you feel the urge, get that smoke fix. Wear eau 'd hickory with pride.
I think smoking meat is extremely addictive.. it tends to make everyone around you including wives and girlfriends think you are a little wierd expecially when you are up at the crack of dawn or out all night and come in smelling like smoke..

Isn't it amazing though how they lap up everything us wierdos cook?!
Not only is smoking meat addictive... so is this site! My wife has accepted the fact I love to smoke, and enjoys the fruits of my labor. She does think it's a little strange however, that I spend so much time here and take pictures of food (well, I try to take pictures... I still need a new camera).
I've decided that night smoking is the way to go for me, at least in the summer. The outside temps are bearable and I don't have to swat a million flies per smoke.

I get laughed at everytime I start doing a smoke because I tend to get a little meticulously anal! But once the foods ready mouths are to busy chewing to be laughing.

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