Is this normal?

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Original poster
Aug 23, 2007
Somehow my childhood obsession of fire, has turned into an adult obsession with bbq. I dream about the beautiful smoke rings, and the falll apart in your mouth meat. And I have learned that it takes time to smoke good. Because the more i smoke, the better the meat tastes.

Okay! ... I got to ask ... what are you smokin' ?

BTW ... welcome to SMF! This place is good for your obsession!
Boy, sounds like Home! I posted a quiry on the 'lamb' section cuz I just got re-hooked on smokin' again - wife bought me a 3# lamb breast and I couldn't find a recipe - so I rubbed it down with my usual rib stuff & grilled it over an open grill for abot 3 minutes a side just to get the juices flowin', then put it the 'hot' end of my Brinkman for an hour - then moved it to the other 'smokey' end to finish it. It was delishus! I had scored the fatback side, which came out real crispy - and the ribs were juicy. I'll do that one again! Anybody else have experience with lamb chests? kept the temp at abot 250' and it seemed to work. Not much leftovers either! So what can I convince my spouse to buy for me next? I'm willing to try almost anything!
I'm using a brinkman horizontal w/ 40" smoke box and 18" fire box - ,and I lucked out w/ a great supply of Mexican lump charcoal.
Mikey in Sacramento (100' today! easy grillin'!)
Hello and welcome to the SMF. Always happy to to see someone who's on a jag for Q. Hey, Obsession can be a good thing.
Welcome SmokingMatt -

I think most of us dream about the smoking of meat whether or not we are asleep. It does somehow seem to be the primary focus for some reason.
Welcome to the SMF the best BBQ site on the net glad to have you

Smokin is addictive. I just can't quite even IF I wanted to
Well Matt, you have paid attention and learned real good... remember, low and slow is the key. My childhood obsession didn't involve fire, it was mostly fishing. Butt then I realized later in life, ya' gotta cook your catch... FIRE RULES!

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