Is This Enough

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Original poster
Jun 4, 2007
Milford, CT
My wife and I have a tequila martini party every year and we get a turn out of 200+ people...I thought I would show you what we will be drinking instead of what we will be eating! We are going to have a catered pig roast....We will also have 20 Gallons of Margaritas, 15 Gallons of Cosmos, and over 25 cases of beer...
Son, you forgot to post the directions to get there, date, time, etc.
Please finish your post.
I can't find my invitation...

I know it's here somewhere!

Wow..You have some money wrapped up in booze..Hope you take donations at the door..
Boones farm woohoo.. thats the first stuff i ever got sh*tfaced on.. man i love that fact i got some ribs soakin in some apple blossom...i don't drink no more but it sure looks like you all are gonna have a good time
Reminds me of the bar setup we had in our barracks room when I was in the Air Force.

I was drinking professionally under a government sponsorship back then....
Everyone remarks on my 'stash' but...all I can say after seeing that is holy moly and how do I get there?

hey watery....I'm still a professional but how did you get the govt to sponsor you?
I puked three times, ran through the street naked, and passed out all before I got to the end of this thread!
rows & rows of boone's fam,, erp,,,,, had a friend in high school w/ a rich dad- had a 12 gaqllon crystal keg of chivas- oh my head hurts just thinking..... head up under the chivas tap, caribou steaks, thorny bushes... oh yessss.. oh nooo .... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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